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Towel Wraps For Women – The Hello Kitty Towel Wrap Dress

Updated on March 14, 2011
Hello Kitty towel wraps
Hello Kitty towel wraps

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The Hello Kitty towel wrap for women may be the ideal towel if you are looking for that one thing that can be used in the home or take away with you if you have a vacation coming up. This item of clothing is something that would also make a wonderful present idea, especially for any one who is a massive fan of the little cute Kitty.

More About Towel Wraps

Towel wraps can be fun as well as useful and this is a fantastic dress idea that any girl would be thrilled to have. This specific towel wrap for women is produced using a couple of thick straps on each side so that it is a really easy to use and wear.

There is a Velcro attachment found in the corner in order to help to make it even less difficult to get into and out of this towel dress. It is created from a white polyester cloth that helps make it quick as well as effortless to dry after you have used it.

Hello Kitty towel wrap dress
Hello Kitty towel wrap dress

This towel wrap dress has some lovely adornments which finish off the complete look. There is also an adorable little pink colored bow that has been appliquéd on the corner border of this wrap around towel and of course a fantastic image of little Miss Kitty on the front.

The border of this towel wrap has been made so that it has a ruffled finish to it which additionally improves on the lovely feminine touches.

As you can see, it's a towel wrap dress which extends to just above the actual knee area. It's definitely ideal for a woman of all ages and it is made in three different measurement options. When you click to order this Hello Kitty wrap you will find that it comes in the following sizes;

  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

This Hello Kitty wrap is only one component of an extensive array of Hello Kitty garments.  When you place your order, you may wish to accessorize from the wide choice of additional merchandise that is available.

Take a look online today and you are sure to find that once you have seen what there is on offer you will want to buy other things.  This could be the beautifully made pajamas or the sexy little underwear combinations.

If you are looking for a gift idea, then this could also be a great solution.  Find out what else is available from Amazon today.


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  • Tiptopcat profile image

    Victoria Virgo 7 years ago from London, UK

    @Hello,Hello - Thank you. I am glad you liked this hub.

    @traceye - Thanks for your comment. These towel wraps really are cute and they are great for the beach.

  • traceye profile image

    traceye 7 years ago from Australia

    Oh I want one! How cute are these towels. Great hub :)

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for a wonderful selection