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Love Leopard Print, Says Kim Kardashian

Updated on April 12, 2011

Ah the swirly, whirly wheel of trends, nobody really knows where it will end up - certainly there is no obvious consistency to it, and certainly there is no way of truly predicting what will trend until it actually does trend. In that respect, highly paid trend forecasters are much like fashion meteorologists, stabbing hat pins into boards covered with various styles and hoping they come up with something that works.

This fall, leopard print is predicted to play a large part in the fashion world. Though leopard prints, along with other animal prints, were dismissed in the 90's as being fairly hideous and tacky, the world of fashion is nothing but forgiving to fallen trends, and this fall, leopard prints are back in - even to the extent that Gwyneth Paltrow is threatening to wear them.

Being a celebrity doesn't only mean being paid ridiculous sums of money and being fawned over by all you meet, it also means having the power, and indeed, the great responsibility of being able to set trends simply by wearing them. If Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes and Nicole Richie all stepped out wearing velvet jackets with shoulder pads that boosted their garments to their ears, you can bet that 'neckless jackets' would be the next big trend.

Now that you've received that healthy dose of perspective, leopard print doesn't seem to bad, does it? It rather puts me in mind of dangerous Russian women who may or many not be spies, and who doesn't want to be taken for a dangerous spy? It worked for James Bond, so there's no real reason why it can't work for a new generation of empowered women.

Kim Kardashian agrees with me on this issue, as she recently posted on her blog:

There are lots of trends I’m really feeling this fall. I shared my favorite purple and blue looks earlier this week, but another trend I am lovvvinggg is leopard print… but don’t overdo it… a little leopard print goes a long way!

She then goes on to share her love of leopard print heels and boots, and notes that in each case, they are offset by simpler fashion elements, like the little black dress pictured, or the casual jeans and camel colored blouse. (Camel is so in this season, and as Kim demonstrates, it balances out leopard print in a way that makes leopard print seem to make a great deal of sense.)


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