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Let BeeBio bring out your beauty with New Zealand Manuka honey

Updated on May 24, 2016

Review of BeeBio skincare

Looking at the finest natural skincare, honey has been used to clean, disinfect and hydrate skin for millennia. However, not all honeys are (naturally) created alike! Manuka honey -- native to New Zealand -- had additional healing benefits for the complexion.

Due to a more potent oxygenating abilities, Manuka honey kills more bacteria. This means faster clearing of acne and other skin inflammation. Vegetation and its by-product, honey, growing in New Zealand develops unique, healthful qualities. Due to the country's climate of heavy sun and rain, volcanic soil and a low level of industrial toxic pollution, organisms retain more moisture and nutritious elements.

Now, there is luxury skincare line that uses mostly ingredients sourced in New Zealand such as Manuka honey, royal jelly and bee venom: BeeBio. I was happy to be hosted to experience it! In an industry where "12" is considered a biologically active ingredient, BeeBio's Manuka honey is rated 16+. Their studies have shown that when such honey is spread on wounds, they heal much faster and with less scarring.

Active Manuka Honey Facial Cleanser is a rich, lotion consistency cream in a tube. It has the faintest of floral fragrance. The product rinses cleanly, but not in a stripping way; your face will remain quite soft. It has skin goodies in it like avocado oil, Bio Active 16+ Manuka honey and lavender oil.

Venomous Bee Venom and Fruit Boost Anti-Aging Face Masque has bee venom and active Manuka honey. If you are allergic to bee stings, you should not use this product! Kiwi extracts lighten skin, age spots, irritation and freckles. It's not an instant thing, but the mask helps over time. It's a cream formulation in a tub that's essentially fragrance-free. At 50 grams, you can put it in a 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag. They recommend using it 2-3 times a week, smoothing it on and letting it rest for about 20 minutes, then washing it off with a gentle cloth. They also recommend that you apply your moisturizers immediately afterwards, though it's not a drying mask at all.

There are a couple of serums in the line. Serums are the lightest, most concentrated form of skincare product; you should apply them before any other moisturizer. Nectar V Shaping Serum is for one of those problems that hits all of us after a certain age: sagging! This is not an easy thing to tackle outside of surgery, but most of those lifts look phony anyway. The product has active Manuka honey, grapeseed and lime oil: you apply it to your face, throat and decolletage. It will help give you a smoother, younger look. The other serum is Instant Effect Eye Serum. It incorporates active Manuka Honey and pure bee venom. Though creamy, silky and comforting, it tightens those aging sags and bags.

One the company's most unusual and interesting products is the Active Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly Facial Creme. It's a very rich and luscious product that you use under other moisturizers. It's got a bit of stick that dries to a satin finish. Royal jelly helps with lines and pigmentation. The creme has other nourishing ingredients like calendula oil and macadamia oil.

Active Manuka Honey Day Creme with SPF 15 definitely has effective sun block, but be sure to really blend it into your skin. It also contains beeswax and almond oil.

Active Manuka Honey Night Creme is rich and intense with a good bit of slip and substantial amounts of honey. It's quite hydrating for the throat and complexion, enriched with rosewood oil. Along with anti-aging properties, it's also to be used for age spots.

This line has richer, denser products: healing for sun damage and moisturizing in cold weather.

5 stars for BeeBio skincare


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