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Linen Trousers

Updated on June 6, 2013

When you think of a well dressed man or woman on a warm summer day, you probably imagine him or her wearing linen. There is something about this fabric that signals to the world that you are a person of style and distinction. Linen suits, linen dresses, linen handkerchiefs, these articles of clothing have been worn and used for hundreds of years. There is great tradition in the making of linen clothing and in the wearing of it as well.

And all of this is no less true of trousers made from linen. In fact, a good pair of linen trousers, or even several pairs, is a must have article of clothing for any man or woman who regards him or herself as well dressed. You might say that a wardrobe is just not quite a wardrobe at all without a selection of linen trousers. Read on to learn a bit about linen and the best way to fit a pair of trousers so that you will always look your best.

Linen trousers on a laundry line.
Linen trousers on a laundry line. | Source

Cool and Comfortable

People living in hot and humid countries have been wearing linen for hundreds of years. The reason for this are the many unique features of this fine fabric. Linen, which is spun from the fibers of the flax plant, is one of the most breathable fabrics in the world. When you perspire while wearing a pair of linen trousers, the moisture is allowed to pass through the fibers and evaporate into the air. At the same time, a summer’s breeze on a hot day easily passes through the fabric of your linen trousers to keep you cool.

This cooling quality of linen is doubled by the soft sheen of linen trousers next to the skin. In other words, even on the very hottest of August days, wearing linen will actually keep you cool by keeping the sun off your skin while letting the air evaporate any perspiration. Wearing linen trousers is, in effect, like wearing a portable air conditioner! Of course, you will be most comfortable in your linen trousers, not to mention looking your best, if they fit as well as they can.

Fitting Linen Trousers

Sometimes it can seem like getting a pair of trousers that fits is an almost impossible task. In the olden days, men and women had trousers made specifically for them by a tailor who excelled in the craft of fitting suits, shirts, and trousers to a person’s particular body type. But these days, if you are like most folks, you just don’t have the budget to hire a tailor to custom make every pair of pants you wear. So, what can you do to make sure you buy a pair of linen trousers that fit right?

Of course, the first key to buying a pair of linen trousers that look great is to make sure they fit well and comfortably at the waist. A pair of trousers should ride at your natural waistline, whether you are a man or a woman. Buying linen trousers that fit at the natural waist will not only look better but will be much more comfortable as well. This is especially true if you are bending a lot or will be strolling or getting other kinds of exercise. And given that linen pants are great for a relaxing summer’s day, you will want to move as freely as you can while wearing them.

You also will want to get a pair of linen trousers with the correct rise. When trying on a pair of trousers, first do the toe touch test. As you bend forward as if to touch your toes, the back of your pants should not slip but rather remain at your waist. Next, perform the sitting test. A pair of linen trousers with a good rise will not bunch up at the crotch with a lot of extra fabric, and they should not pull uncomfortably at any part of your body.

The proper length is essential to having a pair of linen trousers that look great. Make sure that the pant cuff just touches the top of the shoe and creates a slight crease in the trousers above the spot where they meet your foot. Wearing pants that are too long and that cover the shoe or even drag on the ground will not only damage your linen pants but can actually make your legs seem shorter and stubbier than they are. Of course, pants too short will show your socks and make it seem as if you have been walking in a “flood.”

The final tip to buying linen trousers that fit well is to make sure they have a nice drape. Below the waist, your linen trousers should have the appearance of hanging freely on your body. This will make you look taller and slimmer and will show off your linen trousers to their best effect. What’s more, having your trousers stand slightly off of your skin will help your linen trousers keep you cooler on a hot day or evening.

The point here is that linen trousers will be one of the most stylish and comfortable articles of clothing in your wardrobe if you take a bit of care to find a pair that fits you correctly. You will be stepping out in high style in your linen trousers!


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