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Summer Essentials for Women

Updated on January 29, 2015

List of Summer Essentials and additional tips:

The heat is increasing every moment, with the onset of summers. And, we need to be prepared to counter it.

So, here I provide some smart and must have additions that you can add to your bag this summer:

1) Water supply: Always carry a 250 ml bottle of water with you. Keep on drinking small sips of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

Tip: Squeeze some lemon juice into the water bottle. This is a great way to keep acidity levels in control.

2) Tissues and napkins: Always carry a fresh napkin or good quality soft paper tissues with you in your bag, or wherever it is handy.

Tip: Printed tissues may lead to skin reactions, so try to avoid printed tissues, and use the plain ones

3) Antiperspirants and deodorants: I have already discussed the need of this here.

Tip: Avoid using alcohol-based deodorants or perfumes. They may lead to skin irritation. Also, when combined with sweat, they produce an offensive body odor, which could be quite a turn-off. Best way to go for these products is to select the fragrances which are of natural base, made up from fruits, sandalwood, tea rose or of low alcohol concentration. You can easily check for the alcohol concentration at the back of the perfume container.
Apart from this, you can also go in for cologne water (Eau de Cologne), which is a perfumed watery suspension or distillation of the oils of lemon, orange, bergamot and orange blossom, with lavender oil and rosemary oil. It is available at all perfume stores and chemists, at affordable ranges.

4) Glucose powder: Pour down a sachet of glucose powder in a glass water, or you can simply have it raw. Glucose helps in providing instant energy to the body, especially during excessive heat.

Tip: Always carry various sachets of glucose powder with you, wherever you go. There are loads of distinct flavors now available in market.

5) Caps, hats and sun bands: Opt for a headgear to provide yourself maximum protection from sun and hot air.

Tip: We all know the theory that Blacks absorb heat and whites radiate heat. So, choose the light colored caps (white, light gray, beige, cream, light green, light blue, pink), and avoid dark colored caps (black, navy blue, red).

Also, pick up scarves and stoles, which match your clothing. They not only make you look more stylish, but also offer an efficient protection against the sun.

6) Glares: Ascertain that you pick up a pair, which provides 100% UV protection.

Tip: If you wear spectacles, go for photo-chromatic glasses. Or best is to go for lenses and get some stylish glares to cover your eyes.

7) Umbrellas: They are the most efficient to provide sun protection and are must for this season.

Tip: Choose a two-fold umbrella that can fit easily in your bag.

8) Hand fan: There are numerous varieties now, available in the market be it electric hand fans or folding Japanese fans at affordable prices. They are not only portable, but can also make a nice fashion statement.

Unique and Beautiful Umbrellas and other accessories available


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