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Lola Style : Denim

Updated on May 22, 2013
Denims on your wrist
Denims on your wrist | Source

Upon writing this, I'm totally inspired by denim bracelet. I think they are chic, very upbeat and cool. I have an idea that rather than wasting the scraps of denim that you have, mix it with other colorful fabrics to make very stylish bracelets.

Teen Fashion

If I can go back to my teenage years, I wish I could, I'd be happy to experiment with a lot of things. Accessorizing especially. Teens couldn't afford to buy expensive outfits yet. Perhaps, the best way for them to express themselves is through the jewelries that they wear. Isn't it cool that you have a means to express yourself, finding your identity and that you channel your energy for a creative light. Ah, if only I have the chance to be creative back then. It would be marvelous!

Back to our topic, fashion has gone through a lot of changes, and I imagine that lots of teenagers are the blossoming fashionista that will direct the chic style of tomorrow. These young ladies need the freedom to express their inner self. They need to find themselves in the midst of approaching adulthood. Confused of their identity, yet, they are channeling it to a positive way.

All-denim Look
All-denim Look | Source

Denim Versatility

Everyone has at least a pair of jeans in their closet. Don't try to deny that. It's a basic staple in our stilleto of fashion collection. The point here is, why not diversify your denim look? There are so many wonderful ways to rock the denim style. I suggest, you level up your inner diva and open your eyes to numerous ways to wear denim.

Denim pants and denim jackets of the same hue don't blend well. That's the most important thing for you to know. However, jeans and other denim accessories, they are hot! Bracelets especially, when you get them spiraling around your wrist, they are eye-catching and seriously fancy. I love it more when you paint your nails with vibrant colors. Gorgeous! Make up wise, go fierce and dramatic with your eyeshadow, yet, be very subtle with your lips. Smack on nude color on your pouts.

To tap into the underrated power of accessories, adore necklaces and earrings. Be wise when choosing the jewelries, sweetheart. Don't over accessorize, yet maintain your style. Leather, gold and silver suit the denim look. Just don't mix them.

For more DIY denim bracelet ideas, do enjoy my pinboard.


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