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Lola Style: Red Skirt and Boots

Updated on May 22, 2013

You're doing a spring cleaning and found a stunning red skirt. It's the only one in your collection. Donate or no? It's a tough decision. Or why not take it out and put in on. Let's embark on working a fashionably chic appearance with your red skirt. And guess what? We are going to vamp up your look with some boots!

Red Skirt and Boots
Red Skirt and Boots | Source

Paint the town Red!

There are times in a month that you feel extra sassy, you have the urge to unleash your womanhood and that particular moment gives you a rush! You feel like a tigress going for a manhunt. Strut your inner diva, put on the red skirt and that pair of boots!

Go out with your gal pals. Hop from one club or bar to another. Laugh and talk! The men are watching you. You caught their eyes with your confidence. Glam that look, dolls! Accessorize and show the blinks you got. Match the skirt with patterns or plain shirts.

If your skirt is flairy, get a fit tank top and have a leather jacket. You'll look like a rock star. However, if you own a red pencil skirt, dare to get a slightly loose top. Maybe, a sheer type. Being sexy and confidence is a call!

Wear flirty earrings, dangling preferably, to add the pizzazz. Smack your pouty lips with your favorite lip gloss. Honey, you nail it!

Find the right color
Find the right color | Source

These Boots are made for Walking

Ensure your glamorous entrance with your fancy steps. Those boots are not for winter only sweetheart! You get to wear it on a girls' wild night out! Be raunchy. Dance and walk like you're in the spotlight.

Depending on your height, please wear the right type. You don't want your style to be jotted down as a fashion crime. You don't need a closetful of boots, all you need is the right size and the right proportion. Be it an ankle boots, peep toe boots, knee high or thigh high.

Don't forget to wear your socks. There will be a lot of dancing!

P.S. When you shop for boots, find something that can go with a lot of styles. You don't want that boots to be worn once a year only. Grab a stunning design. That's how you awed by passers!


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    • lolaestrella profile image

      Dalila C 4 years ago from Denver, CO


      I love your hubs! Thank you for dropping by. You just made your hub into my favourite read of the day.