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Look Like Kelly Rowland

Updated on February 26, 2013

Kelly Rowland Pictures

Is she hotter than Beyonce? You can decide for yourself after all I also got some really great Kelly Rowland pictures here for you. Kelly has done some cosmetic surgery to enhance her breasts in the hope of looking more attractive: I don't know about you, but I am definitely digging the new look. And the revealing clothes too!

I am starting to like Kelly Rowland quite a bit. Her music is nice to listen and she is great to look at. I've started siding with the folks who think she might just be the hottest Destiny's Child. It doesn't hurt that Kelly has gotten rather curvier as of late. I mean she's competing with Beyonce right now and I'm having a hard time picking between the two. And Beyonce happens to be one of my all time favorites.

I guess its the make up for both these ladies. It will be pretty hard for ordinary folks to look like Kelly Rowland or any other celebrity for that matter especially since Kelly has had some expensive cosmetic surgery done.

But the truth is that Kelly has gotten a whole lot hotter ever since she went solo. I did have a hard time looking at Beyonce during the Super bowl performance with Kelly right by her side to distract me.

But the more I think about this, I am starting to see that us humans should start getting used to these cosmetic changes. It's not going to be a Hollywood thing anymore. I am quite the futurist and I do see every individual opting to make necessary changes as we progress forward in this era of frequent changes and revolutionary tech advancements that has made many tech gadgets obsolete.

Can't get enough of Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Pictures

I know most of you got here after typing "pics of Kelly Rowland" on Google and so I thought I should give you what you want. After all, I do like my Kisses my down low!

I guess we now have the real role model for all those young black women and girls out there. Beyonce was always too white and Kelly has never tried to make herself look fairer than normal.

There are some pretty awesome videos that I want you to check out at the bottom of this Hub as we get behind the scenes of Rowland's new much hyped about music video 'Kisses Down Low' and then who can forget 'Ice'. That was something right?

So again if you want to look like Kelly Rowland, its nice to spend the money on breast procedures and the like, but one must remember that Kelly is a fitness freak and loves dancing. It shows in those rock hard abs.

The fitness videos with Jeanette Jenkins are definitely something and as you girls look at the wonderful pictures of Kelly Rowland here, I hope it motivates you to take some of the positives that Kelly has done to improve her body image.

Here is to Kelly Rowland and Destiny's Child. They have taught me a ton and I am sure the world will not have been the same had they not made their mark.

The media always wants to focus on the negative side; negative news does sell. Nonetheless, I want to point out the rest of Rowland's to die for features like her wavy hair, for instance, and her perfect and well taken care of teeth that make her smile so radiant. There is also the way she dresses that makes her very appealing. These are the things I want the little girls to focus on rather than the stuff that media loves to harp about.

Kelly Rowland is truly beautiful and we thank the heavens for her. Now about those videos...

Thanks Kelly!

Also, Kelly Rowland having some fun on the sets of 'Kisses Down Low' and 'Ice'.

Behind The Scenes

More Kelly Rowland


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