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How To Look Younger Look Beautiful. Why Do Guys Love Long Hair?

Updated on September 15, 2012

Youthful Beauty

Women want to look young and beautiful. Look at people in public, walking towards you from far away. You know, no matter how far away they are, their sex and in general their age. Long before you can see their faces, you can say young or old, male or female.

How? Something about the way they walk, they way they hold their bodies, posture, attitude, swing. But, every now and then, you make a mistake, and feel a bit embarrassed to see that the woman you were watching is a man, or that youngster is actually middle aged.

When someone guesses your age, do you prefer that they guess high, or low? Low, right? Only kids want to look older, adults want to look younger. So what about that middle-aged woman we thought was a twenty-something. How did she fool us? It wasn't her perfect skin tone, she was too far away at first for that to even be visible.

I love to watch people. For the last several months I have been spending a few hours a week on my local college campus, surrounded by young people. It's a joy. Young people are fun to watch. I look at their clothing, hair, and physical mannerisms. They are so different from the older people I work with every day.

So, you are middle aged, or even older, and want to look young. How do you do it? We see people who succeed at this all the time, how can we catch that look too? Some things are easy, and some take work.

Get out and look at people moving around, young and old. Look at how young people move. They move their arms and legs freely, unselfconsciously. They swing when they walk, move their hands when they talk. They vibrate with excess energy. Look at heathy, handsome people. They don't hunch their shoulders, or slump their backs, their heads don't hang down. Can you walk like that? If you can, you will look younger too.

Energy. That's the key. By age thirty, most people have lost that look of energy, because they don't have any excess energy to spare. Watch them move. They take short steps, compared to younger people, who tend to stride along. They don't swing their shoulders as they walk, or their butts. They have lost the natural rhythm and freedom they had as teens.

If you want to look young you have to walk young, move young. Young people have natural muscle tone. They look healthy because they are healthy. When you are older you have to work a little to keep that muscle tone. If you don't use those muscles, you will lose muscle, and lose energy. Your energy comes from your muscles, and the whole youthful look comes from them. You have to move your body. It doesn't take a lot of time eash day, but do it! Work your body hard enough to make your heart beat hard and sweat to break.

Work your arms, legs and body. This might only take ten minutes a day, plus a little extra a couple of days a week. It doesn't really matter how you exercise, as long as it works your whole body, head, neck, body and limbs. Dance, aerobics, jogging, calisthenics. Break your routine and do different things. Just do enough to make your heart rate climb a bit, your lungs blow hard.

Pay attention to yourself. Imagine someone is watching you. Stand and sit up straight, shoulders square. Walk smoothly, stride out a bit, with some swing to your walk. Ladies, stride long enough to make your bottoms swing a bit. You don't have to overdo it, just do it. Be aware of your own body. Is it moving smoothly, freely? Are your arms and shoulders moving? Guys needs a little more swing in the shoulders, a strong masculine look, and less in the butt. Women, the opposite. But both guys and gals need some of both. Spend some time watching good-looking young people walk. Can you move like that? You probably used to. Try it again.

Look at hair. Women, especially, slavishly follow the hair styles of age. Young women have young hair styles. Older women have short, frumpy, frizzy hair. If you want to look younger, you have to give up on middle aged convenience. How many women cut their hair short because it is just too much trouble to take care of longer hair? Well, give up on ever looking younger. Don't over-perm and over-color your hair. The more hair 'treatments' you get, the worse your hair will probably look.

Again, look at young women's hair. It looks fresh and healthy, unless they have fallen into the trap of using excess coloring and treatments. That is your goal. Don't worry much about the color. Sure, you probably want to get rid of gray. Understood. But use some sense. Your goal, if you want to look younger, is to look healthy. Don't abuse your hair.

We are getting closer together. From a distance I saw a young woman walking. Closer up, I see the hair, swinging free and long, a young woman's hair, not stuffed into a stiff perm. Now, we are only steps apart. How does the skin look? Can I even see the skin, or is it hidden, buried under layers of crap? Ladies, dump the heavy paint, if you ever hope to look younger. You CAN NOT hide your age under makeup. Trying just adds years to your face.

Think, who looks younger, a teenage girl with no makeup, or one with lots? The girl wearing more makeup looks older. Same for any age. Pancake makeup alone will add ten years to your face. Plus, it just looks nasty. A touch of color around the eyes to make them look bigger, great. A hint of lip gloss, fine. I can hear the ladies wailing, "But I have wrinkles." So you have wrinkles. So what? The makeup isn't going to hide them for long. In fact, it just makes them all the easier to see.

To look young you have to look healthy. That is the bottom line. Get your blood moving. Get some muscle tone to give your body some shape. Get rid of some flab, if you need to.

That's a hard topic, since there is so much crap written about fat, dieting and losing weight. Simple advice? Avoid crap food. Eat whenever you feel hungry, but eat good food. What is good food? The food that nature intended us to eat. Meat, veggies and fruit. Throw in some nuts and eggs, fish and whatnot. Fresh. If it came from a factory, in a box, it probably isn't good food (unless it is chocolate). Avoid excess carbs. We are not well designed for them. Don't starve yourself. Eat when you are hungry, and eat plenty of calories too. Just get them all from good foods.

Follow that simple advice about food, and the light exercise I mentioned above, you will probably lose weight, feel a lot better, and look a lot younger. Watch young people. No, don't watch them, OBSERVE them. Look at the details and the whole picture. Youth is mainly in motion. How do they move? Practice. Practice walking with energy. Walk with your whole body, not just your legs. Try to be subtle about it, because overdoing this just makes you look silly.

Teens and twenties look young because they are young. We older folks can look younger too. We just have to think about it and work a bit at it.


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    • tmbridgeland profile image

      tmbridgeland 6 years ago from Small Town, Illinois

      I don't read women's magazines. I am just interested in health, and pretty girls. Since I am now 50, I'd like to see more nice looking ladies around my age! But too many of them just seem to stop caring. Or do strange things that make them look worse, not better.

    • mariasial profile image

      maria sial 6 years ago from united kingdom

      good observation and new way to see the subject rated up

    • onegoodwoman profile image

      onegoodwoman 6 years ago from A small southern town

      Have you been reading the Women's magazines, or simply listening to the lamentations of your own dear wife?

      Good to see you again!