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Cosmetics, Clothes, Long Hair, What A Guy Likes To See On A Girl

Updated on January 1, 2013

One Guy's Opinion on Make-up

I have a female friend who is, quite simply, ugly. I am sorry to say it straight out, but it's true. She is fat, and has sort of masculine facial features. But, she never has trouble catching and keeping male friends, boyfriends, lovers.

I have also had many female friends over the years who constantly whined about how they could never catch and keep a man. Some of these girls were average, cute, even beautiful. So what's up?

When you dress and make up to go out, who is your target audience? Is it men, women, your boss or co-workers?

If you are targeting male attention, the clothing and makeup you wear is going to be very different than if you are aiming to impress women. A lot of women seem more concerned with competition with other women than they are with looking good for men. That is fine, unless your problem is finding a boyfriend.

How about high heels? Or shoes in general. If you are wearing a skirt and have great legs already, high heels may add something to your look that men like. But really, men usually couldn't care less what shoes a woman is wearing as long as they more or less match the occasion, in spite of the time and effort women use buying shoes. Shoes are 100% about impressing other women. Most clothing is.

Mascara, eye liner, eyebrow-plucking, all these things mean little or nothing to men, except as signs that she is WAY too self-involved. Fingernails? Don't even start. Can't care less as long as they are clean. These are symbols women use to communicate with each other, not with men.

Hair? Long and straight does the job for most guys, the longer the better. I had a really short girlfriend, like 4'11". I suggested that she grow her hair longer. 'Long hair doesn't look good on short women." I had a girlfriend with fire-red hair. "Long hair doesn't look good on redheads." Bah! Female sabotage. I am sure these girls' friends kept telling them their short hair looked 'cute'. Why settle for cute when you can be gorgeous?

If you have naturally curly hair, don't despair, long curly hair is SO sexy. Short hair does look good on some women, don't get me wrong. On really beautiful women short hair can be totally sexy. But a good general rule is, longer is better. Short hair is for middle-aged women who don't care about what their husbands think any more.

How about hair coloring? It doesn't really matter, as long as your hair looks nice to touch. Coloring often makes your hair dry and frizzy. Sure, a lot of guys like redheads and blonds. But fake redheads and peroxide blonds, not so much. Any color is great as long as your hair looks clean, soft and healthy.

What DO guys like? Anything that makes a woman look young, healthy, vital, energetic, fun. And lets face it, most cosmetics seem designed to make you look sickly and run down. Teenagers wear make-up to make themselves look older. That is great, when you are sixteen. Do you want to look older when you are twenty-five or thirty-five? Make-up adds ten years to a woman's face. Heavy make-up makes it look like you have something to hide. And don't believe for a minute we can't SEE whatever it is you are trying to hide! Pimples or wrinkles covered up by pancake look worse than skin bare for the world to see.

If a woman wants to look good for guys, she has to forget what other women think about her. Forget the nail coloring, leave the raccoon-face at home. Work on being healthy, looking healthy. Eat real food, not fake, diet food (one thing guys hate is whiny girls who are always on a diet). Get plenty of exercise so you have some good tone to your body. Get some sun so your face doesn't look washed out and sickly. Healthy is sexy.

If you have a good figure, you don't need to show much skin (unless you want to, but then other women will call you 'slut' behind your back). If you are not so good looking, wear low-cut blouses, even if you don't have a big chest. Guys are stupid that way, I admit. The chance to catch a peek down a shirt turns guys on, even if the girl has a small chest.

How you dress depends a lot on what kind of guy you want. The more skin you show, the more low-class guy will be attracted. Low-rider jeans that show your butt-crack? In the gutter, girl. Only girls with perfect figures can wear those and not look totally like prostitutes.

Classy clothing attracts classy guys. What is 'classy' is a lot harder to define. Anything that makes you look smarter, richer, healthier. It could be a nice tennis outfit, or even a business suit, or a simple white blouse and slacks. What is classy depends so much on your own body type that there are not really any solid rules (except don't show your butt-crack).

Tight clothing almost always looks slutty. Guys don't mind slutty if the girls is already beautiful. But if you are overweight, or not so great looking to begin with, slutty is a real turn off. That look is guaranteed to catch you only low-class guys who know they can't get anything better! It is up to you. If your idea of a dream date is a one night stand with a loser, the slut look may be just right.

Make-up does have a place, as long as the guy can't really tell that you are wearing any. Use a light touch to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Wear heavier make-up only if you are going somewhere dark, like a club.

Now, if you are really fat, and not just plump, you'll have a lot more trouble, because finding classy clothing that looks good on bigger women is so much harder. But it is possible, as the friend I mentioned at the top proved. She managed to find classy clothing, and she adjusted her make-up for the situation and target audience, sometimes bright and heavy for special occasions, but usually light, almost unseen.

So, general rules? Aim for the type of person you are trying to attract. If it is a guy, a boyfriend, dress to impress guys. Ignore your female friends' advice. Go for healthy and reasonably slim, long hair and classy clothing. All the rest is fashion magazine junk.

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    • tmbridgeland profile image

      tmbridgeland 5 years ago from Small Town, Illinois

      Show it off! It's all attitude anyway. Love it, treat it right. Make your hair happy.

    • profile image

      maiko 5 years ago

      i don't have hair that goes much past shoulders. what to do?

    • tmbridgeland profile image

      tmbridgeland 7 years ago from Small Town, Illinois

      I don't insist on it, that's why I titled it 'One guy's opinion'. Fortunately, my girls seem to agree with me, so we don't have arguments about proper dress for school.

    • onegoodwoman profile image

      onegoodwoman 7 years ago from A small southern town

      This should be posted on the lockers of girls and women everywhere.