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Looking Younger

Updated on September 6, 2009

Everybody wants to look young. The old idiom "an old head on young shoulders" can be changed to "Young looks during old age". For looking young, you have to institute a good skin care regime and lead a disciplined life. But it is is a long and drawn-out process to slow down the aging process and it needs a careful and wholesome attention and a positive and proactive approach.

There are a few stops which are suggested to look younger:

1. You should ensure your intake of nutritious diet including fiber items like fresh fruits and vegetables and these will not only supply to your body the required vitamins and minerals but give you a fresh look. Your diet regime ought to be a priority. Total avoidance of oil and fatty items is advised because these things are not only not nutritional but cause obesity that later leads to many diseases.

2. A few people are more stressed due to the grueling rigmarole of their life situations. Stress is a catalyst of aging because it makes the body metabolism behave erratic. Relaxation and meditation help you to counter stress substantially. Sleep and exercise also relieve you from stress. Some people prefer Yoga to beat stress. Yoga, which had its origin in the East, is becoming popular in the West also.

3. A well-established way to look younger is to drink good amount of water. Water is good toxin-remover and your susceptibility to contact diseases is greatly reduced. Appropriate exercises done in the right quantity and in the right way also remove toxins from the body. A refreshing bath in warm water after you finish the exercises regime cleanses the toxins from the skin.

4. You should never use skin products that contain chemicals because these can potentially harm your skin. Nowadays, skin care products developed with organic and natural herbs are available. These are effective in revitalizing your skin. Especially the ones that contain non-oxidized Vitamin C works as a good anti-aging agent. At the same time, skin care products should not be used excessively. You should know how to use them appropriately to get tangible results.

5. You should not over-expose yourself to sun that causes UV radiation. UV radiation accelerates aging. If you are involved in a job that exposes you more to sun, you can use an effective sunscreen lotion to protect you from this harmful UV radiation.


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