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Bald Men. Here is a Good News

Updated on September 4, 2009

Men who are losing hair or have lost hair can take solace from the findings of a recent survey. If you feel frustrated that you are looking less desirable by being bald, this is a starkly regressive and untenable thinking. The results of this survey shatter all your conceptual confusions.

You should first understand that your personality is not limited to your hair alone. Women of all ages like men who possess certain traits and in the list, hair figures somewhere at the bottom.

Women like men who have a great sense of humor because this trait give the men a feel-good factor with which they can combat any shortcomings they may have. This trait tops the list of traits women are looking for in men. Next comes personality. This is a very broad term and without burdensome detail, we can call it the well-bred approach and the comfort level with which he moves with everybody. If a man accepts himself as he is, he is considered a likable person. The fourth in the list is a physical aspect and it is the man's "very good-looking eyes". If a man possesses a strong self-esteem, is mentally strong and if he likes challenges, he is also liked by women. Affectionate men also appear in the list as a likable person. In a nutshell, women view men as a comprehensive package in which there are overwhelming positive aspects, of course, synergized with other qualities also.

Some famous bald people have a high self-esteem and they are proud to be what or how they are and feel easy about it. Some of these people are attractive and very good-looking. They are very affectionate towards others and possess a very good sense of humor. They have a good physique and are intelligent also. Hence if you are bald, you must think of what you have with you to offer and must not think you are not attractive. Women do not look at you for your hair. You may be looking attractive to them only because you are bald.

The point you should remember is that attitude makes all the difference in a person's personality. Women do not look at your head. They look at your heart and sometimes within your head.


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