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MAC Blushes: Which ones are worth it?

Updated on March 28, 2013
Credits to lushiousbabe
Credits to lushiousbabe

100+ blushes

MAC Cosmetics has over 35 shades in their regular blush line. That doesn't even begin to include their pro blushes, mineralized blushes, and creme blushes that are part of their permanent line. On top of that, MAC also releases multiple limited edition collections that always have a few blushes in them every year. I think it's safe to say that they have over 100 different blush shades. Now if you were a blush collector with expendable money, I guess it's fine to have every single shade. But for us normal girls, we have to stick to the practical shades we will actually get use out of. With so many colors, there's bound to be some that look nearly the same or close enough that you don't need repeats. So here are some shades that should be a part of every girl's collection. They are wearable, but also all different, and definitely not a waste of your money.


Powder blushes

On their website, MAC lists 34 powder blushes as part of their permanent collection. The powder blushes are probably the most generic and popular because they are easy to use, you just dust it on with a blush brush. There are many different finishes from satin, to matte, and some with shimmer in them. The permanent powder blushes have a reputation of being very pigmented and easy to blend.

Pink blush- MAC's Pink Swoon and Well Dressed blush are two very popular pink shades. They are very similar, but Pink Swoon is a bit more milky baby pink, and Well Dressed has a bit of a purple undertone. They are both beautiful, and while they may look a little bright in the pan, they go onto the skin very sheer and pretty. Pink Swoon is a sheertone matte finish and Well Dressed is a satin finish.

Purple Plum- Plum Foolery is a gorgeous and very versatile dark plummy color. This blush looks absolutely amazing on medium olive skin tones and slims your face if you put it in the contours of your cheeks as well.

Peachy- Melba is one of MAC's first ever blushes. It is matte and a soft peach color. Melba doesn't always look so interesting in the pan, but it is super cute on the cheeks.

Coral/Red- Peachy Keen is a shimmery blush that has super pigmentation. It's a coral, but if you apply too heavily it can turn red on the cheeks so use a light hand. Peachy Keen is a perfect cold weather blush in my opinion because it looks just like you were out in the cold with rose cheeks, but it gives a little more life with the coral tones.

Browns (Contouring)- Some of MAC's blushes lean towards the browner side, and if you find the right one for your skin tone, you can use it as a beautiful bronzer or contour for your face. Blunt is a medium dark warm brown, and Harmony is it's lighter sister. They both have nearly no trace of orange in them, so no need to fear that you'll have an orange line across your face. But as always, be careful with bronzers so you don't look muddy.

MAC Cremeblend Blush

Cream blushes are great formulas that are moisturizing and natural. They are easy for taking on the go because you can apply them with just your fingers. I prefer to use a skunk brush, or duo fiber brush for them because it doesn't put down a blob of cream in just one area. Duo fiber brushes are great at blending the product evenly across your cheeks. Cream blushes are really great because they melt into your skin. Out of all the blush formulas, I think that cream blushes look the most natural. Creme blushes can also be used as a base under a powder blush to make it stand out more.

MAC only has 6 permanent creme blushes. My two favorite are Lady Blush and Posey. Lady Blush is a creamy medium milky peach color. It looks great in the summer time one all skin tones. Posey is a bit darker, and a bit more pinky coral. It is also a gorgeous color for summer if you want a pop of color. Some creme blushes can also be used on the lips for coordinated color on both your lips and cheeks.

MAC Mineralized Blushes

The mineralized blush formula from MAC is especially gorgeous at night for parties. The mineralized blushes all have a great shimmer and sheen to them that make your cheeks glow from within. If I could own every single blush I definitely would.

Warm Soul is one of the popular mineralized blushes and probably my favorite. It is a beautiful peachy bronze color. Whenever I just want a natural blush, this is what I reach for. It is very pigmented and super buildable. I can honestly say that if I could only have 3 blush (which would be torture), Warm Soul would be one of them.

Gleeful is on the other end of the spectrum with a reddish-wine color. This one is super pigmented, so be careful how much you get onto your brush.

Limited Edition Blushes

Because MAC already has such a wide range of colors in their permanent line, sometimes it's just not worth it to buy another one from a limited edition line. Yes, they all have super adorable packaging, but not all of them are practical. The limited edition blushes from MAC also tend to be more prone to duds, so make sure if you're going to buy a certain LE blush, that the pigmentation is up to par with their normal blushes. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't own any MAC LE blushes, but make sure you really want it first and that there is nothing else in your current collection from MAC or any other brand that is quite the same. I own one or two MAC LE blushes and I absolutely adore them. So the key is just being 100% sure you want the product before you hand over your hard earned cash.

What is your favorite MAC blush formula?

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