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Make Yourself Look Pretty With Right Makeup

Updated on October 22, 2011

Girls just love to wear makeup, but many of them don’t know how to look pretty with makeup. We are going to discuss some little tips and tricks to look pretty with makeup. Yeah! That’s a fact that girls could never get enough of the question ‘how to look pretty with makeup’. Here are some tips for you.

Look Fresh, Look Pretty

Oil and dirt on skin can make your face look dull and your complexion darker. Applying a very thin layer of foundation can help a lot in looking pretty and bright. Some of foundations have UV protector in it; it will also work as a sun screen you do not have to put sun screen lotion or cream in oily and hot summers. Pick the one according to your skin tone and apply just a very fine and thin layer of foundation. It will improve your looks and your complexion.

Caution: Do not apply to much; it will make layers on your face. And be sure to apply it equally on face and neck.

Contour Your Face And Look Pretty

Some extra fat on your cheeks or a double chin is making your face a little detractive for some eyes. You can easily contour it using foundations and/or contouring colors. Contouring colors are also helpful in hiding scars, cuts and dark spots on face.

By contouring your face, you can overcome the problem of two tone skin as well. Face contouring also helps is shaping up your nose. It also helps in redefining the face outline. Be a little tricky while using contouring shade. Apply it in a way that your look natural. Use little amount of material in daytime and little more amount for evening and night functions.

Shinny Eyes Make You Look Pretty

We all know butterfly and moth have physical feature, but the thing make butterfly an apple for every eyes is its colors. Steal few colors of butterfly for your eyes to look prettier than before. Let your eyes speak more than your actions. 

Putting a little shimmer on your eye lids can create magic in your looks. Before going out just put a little shimmering shade on your eye lids, it will make your eyes look more shinny. Use eye-liner pencil and kohl pencil to define the shape of your eyes. Kohl will make your eyes looks more attention-grabbing.

Mesmerizing Eye-Lashes Make You Look Pretty

Put on mascara with eye shade. Eye’s beauty is eye-lashes. Make your eye-leashes look long with the help of mascara. Long and black eye lashes make your eyes more attractive and make you feel prettier.

Whenever you’re going to wear makeup, do never forget to put on mascara. It is must to keep in your bag. Just renewing your mascara gives a look of fresh makeup. If your eye-lashes are pure black then opt transparent mascara, it will just boost the length of lashes keeping it original color and give natural shine.

Look Blushing, Look Pretty

Put a little blusher on your cheek bones. It will make your look more fresh, a little pinky and more cute.

Blushers make your cheeks looks more in shape. Blusher can also help in giving you a perfect feminine look.

Many girls have high-cheek bones, which gives faces a masculine look. Blusher can also help in leveling your high-cheek bones with your other features and gives you a girly look.

Blushers also helps in covering fine ageing lines from cheeks and make you look younger. For best results, put blusher with big blush-on brush.

Add On Lipstick And Look Pretty

Put a fine layer of lipstick or lip-gloss to make them fresh and soft. Lipsticks make your lips finer, in a soft shape.

Lipsticks and lip-glosses helps in avoiding dryness. Always remember that you must not put too much of lipstick make your lips look pouty it would make your looks distractive rather than pretty. Use a fine amount of lipstick or lip-gloss, put it your lips in an even layer. Choose a color that is complimenting your complexion and your dress color both.

Last but not least: do not forget to wear your confidence on your make-up and wear your sweet smile on your lipstick. This will make you look prettiest.


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    • profile image

      sara 5 years ago

      how i can look pretty and make my lips pink plz give me solution

    • profile image

      kelly 5 years ago

      im pretty i think.... but the guy i like doesn't seem to talk to me even though sometimes i catch him looking at me. I want him to notice me

    • profile image

      Leah 5 years ago

      I tried these tips but I am so ugly

      It's so hard to make myself look


    • profile image

      macie 6 years ago

      these tips are for want to be's

    • profile image

      SE 6 years ago

      Awe, don't call yourself ugly Stephanie:(. It's so sad to read and I'm sure you're not ugly.

    • profile image

      bailie 6 years ago

      Hey it doesn't matter wat people think of you you are pretty in everyway there just jelous because there not pretty don't lison to them ok and it doesn't matter if you way 101 pounds you are always pretty inside and out!!!

    • profile image

      Sophie 6 years ago

      YEY these tips really worked.I look fab!!!

    • profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      I am 146 pounds and I have an event to go to this Saturday!I need to find a way to make myself more appealing.

    • profile image

      Charlotte 6 years ago

      Thank you for the tips but what do i do if i weigh 7 i am so fat i need help losing weight and people say i am skinny but if i am then why don't my cheek bones go up they are a little pit chubby please help!! x x

    • profile image

      Mahina 6 years ago

      I hope these tips work

    • profile image

      Stephanie 6 years ago

      I try all these things. But im so ugly i cant ever make myself pretty. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!