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Beauty Rediscovers the Male Body

Updated on May 14, 2013

These days it pays to look younger and healthier, whether in you are in the workplace or out on the town. To help you, we have put together some top male beauty tips. The idea being to help you look the best you possibly can.

Looking good is becoming more and more important to men. In the United States men have increased their spending on beauty products to $5 billion and that is just going to increase.

Exercise and diet

Your exercise and diet plays a major role in your body weight, hair and skin condition. You should try to get 30 minutes of exercise every day and eat enough fruit and vegetables. Stay away from junk food and you will be feeling and looking great in no time.

Male hair beauty tips

The first thing about grooming for men is not to be afraid to shave or pluck hair. Doing so won’t change the hair. Shorter hair is thicker, that’s why some people claim shaving will make your hair thicker.

Gray hair
One of the most effective way to look younger is to dye your hair. Use just for men dye, it’s specifically for male use.

When dyeing your hair, stay away from very dark dye. The look doesn’t work on older guys. Consider going with a mixed gray and color dye. This works well, even with much older men.
There are also dyes specifically for dyeing beards and sideburns. Those are a gel not a shampoo.

Male baldness beauty tips
The best way to deal with baldness is to cut your hair very short. The Bruce Willis look, works very well for men with this problem. Don’t even consider a comb over.

There are lotions that encourage hair growth in spots where the hair has stopped growing. These don’t work for everyone, but it might be worth a try, to you.

Skin Care – male beauty tips

Skin care is all about fighting wrinkles and the other signs of aging. A good daily skin care regime might be something along the lines of: cleanse your face, follow it with a gentle facial exfoliant scrub. This removes dead skin and improves circulation. Shave then apply a moisturizer containing sunscreen. Also apply a night moisturizer before going to bed.

Body odor

Shower daily, washing everything with soap and water. If soap leaves your skin dry, try experimenting with different types of body wash. You might consider reducing your hair beneath your arms and in your private area. Less hair means less bacteria and less body odor.

There are many kinds of Colognes on the market. Each of them smells differently and works in different situations. If you aren’t happy with your current option, consider trying Cool Water By Davidoff For Men. It’s one of the best selling new sprays and it has a very cool clean smell, which makes it a good option for everyday use.

Oral hygiene tips

A great smile can get you noticed, in a good way. Make sure you clean your teeth twice a day, remember you need to floss and brush them. Use a mouth wash and brush your tongue, just like your teeth. You might want to chew some gum or take a breath mint, right before a date.

Hands and feet

Don't forget your hands and feet in your grooming routine.

Well-manicured toes and fingers contribute to good overall hygiene and grooming habits.

Foot odor is a common problem with many men, fortunately it's easy to fix. Scrub your feet thoroughly every day and then dry them completely, especially between the toes. If the problem persists you can insert a pair of anti odor insoles into your shoes. They reduce moisture, which helps with the smell.

I hope you found our best male beauty tips useful. You might also want to read best beard trimmers.

Get more exercise - tips for male beauty
Get more exercise - tips for male beauty


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    • profile image

      The Omnicscient Oppinion 7 years ago

      You people are retarded. Posting these how to's arent going to do a thing for anyone. This is common sense. Either someone takes the time to do something, or they dont.

    • madeline Oscar profile image

      madeline Oscar 8 years ago

      I will frequently note Beauty tips for Women, but this post is awesome

    • bingskee profile image

      bingskee 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      this is a very unique but useful hub..