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Maxi Skirts | Skirts Long, Belts High

Updated on October 17, 2010

Once in a while, a fashion trend comes along that doesn't activate my auto-scoffing response and trigger a plethora of snarky jabs. The maxi skirt is one of those trends. Stylish, elegant and feminine in a way that doesn't make one mourn for the trashy state of the world, maxi skirts are long, flowing skirts that take their inspiration from this year's hottest trend, the maxi dress. Unlike the maxi dress, which lends itself to warm temperatures and sunny days, the maxi skirt provides much needed warmth and coverage during cold winter outings and can be combined with stylish tops and jackets to create on trend looks that will leave people gasping at your casual sense of style.

Stylists tell us that there is but one rule for wearing maxi skirts, and that is that they must be worn with heels. That's all very well and good and if you want to do as you're told when people you don't even know and who have never met you tell you how to dress, then be my guest. Personally, I think you can wear whatever shoes you want with a maxi skirt. Wear moon boots if you want. A maxi skirt is, by its very nature, so long and dramatic in its own right that shoes become a secondary concern. (I also have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about people insisting that women wear heels. Considering that the high heel is pretty much a modern day rack for one's feet, the fact that women wear them at all is something fans of the style should be thankful for.)

Maxi skirts come in a wide range of styles to suit almost any aesthetic, which I love. A restrained camel colored maxi skirt is the perfect professional piece this fall, or if one is feeling more whimsical, a light patterned maxi skirt allows one to relax in style.

For the full fall trend, wear a maxi skirt with a belted top. Belts are coming in big for fall, and expect to see terms like 'statement belt' bandied about the place by people with sparkly eyes and brighter than bright teeth. Belts are being worn rather high this season, forget about settling them around the tops of your hips, or even about your waist, around the lower part of your rib cage is the new place to wear belts, creating a high, narrow 'waist line' that will make you look more leggy than a cantering giraffe.


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