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Discount Mens Brown Leather Sandals – Perfect Mens Summer Shoes

Updated on October 11, 2011

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

Birkenstock Black leather sandals
Birkenstock Black leather sandals

Socks and Sandals

Its just wrong!
Its just wrong!

First Things First - Sandal Rules

OK, let’s get one thing out of the way before we travel any further down the mens summer shoes road, and that is the issue of socks and sandals.

It doesn’t matter what brand of summer sandal you choose, how cool the summer proves to be or whether or not you hail from Germany. Wearing socks with sandals is wrong and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. If you have reached an age when you really don’t care anymore, stop wearing sandals. If you suffer from cold toes, wear shoes. Never, not even in moments of solitude around the house, be tempted to combine the two. It is a slippery slope.

OK I feel better now having addressed that important issue and I can now proceed and offer help to the age old problem of what to put on the feet when the temperatures start to rise, the skies turn deep blue and the days become more carefree and fun.

The summer is the time for sandals. They are the best option for keeping the feet cool and sweat free, and for having the flexibility and room to cope when the feet swell up in the heat and humidity. However choose a cheap pair without arch support, or some made from abrasive materials such as plastic and rubber and your feet could end up having a pretty miserable summer.

Whilst the temptation may be to opt for a cheap pair of flip-flops rather than shelling out for quality, think again. Cheap models rarely stay looking good for long, and as for getting more than one summers wear from them you may as well forget it. If you must, opt for a high quality pair of Havaianas flip-flops or Reef Sandals and go for quality. They win every time.

However if you are looking for the best, and want perfect comfort whilst looking cool you could do a lot worse than a pair of classic brown leather sandals, and when it comes to leather sandals one brand stands head and shoulders above the rest, and that is Birkenstock.

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Birkenstock Brown Leather Sandals
Birkenstock Brown Leather Sandals

Birkenstock Sandals – High Quality Men’s Summer Shoes

When it comes to leather sandals for men (and Birkenstock sandals for women), Birkenstock reign supreme. The German footwear company certainly know a thing or two about summer comfort having knocked up an impressive 236 years of footwear experience. Whilst their countrymen may be a little apprehensive to lose their socks, don’t let that stop you from taking a leaf from their books and opting for the comfort, support and style for which this brand is famed.

Brown Leather Sandals

Birkenstock brown leather sandals are by far the biggest sellers in the men’s range offering a classic style which is sure never to go out of fashion. Quite a good thing really, as the high quality construction will see these sandals last for years. They get even more comfortable as the years go by as well. Birkenstock started out with high quality leather, however have since ventured into Nubuck leather. Whilst these are the two most popular classic materials, if you are looking for more comfort, less wearing in, and great colour choices there is a new material to look out for.

The Birko Flor® Advantage

Birkenstock Birko Flor® provides the durability of leather, but is softer on the skin and kinder to the feet. Whilst leather sandals are renowned for taking some wearing in to get comfortable, the polyamide and acrylic felt fibres of Birko Flor® have a smooth leather-like finish and are soft on the top of the feet for extra comfort. The material ages well just like real leather so you can also be sure that they will stay looking great, and they are guaranteed to keep the cows happy.

White Arizona Sandals

Birkenstock Arizona White Sandals
Birkenstock Arizona White Sandals

Anatomy of Birkenstock Sandals

The comfort of these sandals is the key to their popularity which starts with a deep heel cup. The foot sits low in the sandal with a raised edge running the circumference of the shoe to offer great protection to the foot whilst helping to stop grit and other small particles from getting under the feet.

The midsoles of the shoes are constructed from a cork and latex mix, which moulds to the underside of the foot providing exceptional cross arch support for long term comfort. The cork has some “give” and shock absorbing properties and the combination with latex keeps the sandals flexible to bend with the foot and prevent splitting.

To keep the feet fresh and the sandals super comfortable a fine layer of soft suede is directly underfoot and a toe gripper helps to keep the feet properly placed and naturally aligned. For extra cushioning and super grip, the outsoles feature EVA rubber which gives great traction even on slippery surfaces.

Birkenstock Milano Sandal

Birkenstock Milano Sandals for Men
Birkenstock Milano Sandals for Men

Birkenstock Mens sandals styles

There are three main style choices of men’s sandals from Birkenstock, and whilst brown is the most popular choice due to its excellent combinability if you fancy a change you can have stone, white or black.

The classic Birkenstock Arizona Sandal is a two strap model and by far the biggest seller from the men’s range. It combines two wide straps with adjustable buckles which keep them firmly on the feet. Popular for vacations for the superb comfort and durability, the sandal is built to last and the style is always popular year on year. As with all Birkenstock sandals, they run a little larger than most shoes so you should go for a half size down, or even a full size for a perfect fit.

For men who prefer thongs, the Birkenstock Ramses is best, with a fashionable modern style crossing a flip-flop with a sandal. The toe post prevents slippage and an adjustable side buckle makes for a comfortable fit. For a little more security and a sandal guaranteed to stay on the feet no matter what you do in them, the Birkenstock Milano offers the same classic two strap design as the Arizona with an added heel strap. Full vegan models are available with the traditional suede replaced with a soft synthetic fibre lining to keep the sandals perfectly animal friendly.

Mens summer shoes don’t come much more comfortable that these stylish sandals so if you want to keep cool whilst looking cool this summer, you really can’t go far wrong with a pair of Birkenstocks. I’m sure that once you sample these shoes you’ll never want to go back to your old flip-flops ever again!


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    • ReuVera profile image

      ReuVera 7 years ago from USA

      Good article about sandals. I agree that socks and sandals do not go together. Well, they do, but only for little kids and old people. LOL.