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Discount Birkenstock Sandals for Women | New 2013 Styles

Updated on May 6, 2013

The highly popular Birkenstock Gizeh Sandal

Birkenstock Thong sandals
Birkenstock Thong sandals

As summer fast approaches thoughts turn to more slimline lightweight shoes, and Birkenstock has the answer with a wide selection of summer sandals designed and constructed with one thing in mind. Comfort.

Birkenstock sandals for women are the original cork footbed sandals and are famed for their high quality construction. The soles of the shoes are moulded to the natural contours of the foot and offer great cross arch support to keep the feet perfectly comfortable all throughout the summer.

Directly under the foot a thin layer of suede is soft and smooth and offers excellent moisture wicking properties to stop the feet feeling sticky as the temperatures rise. A deep heel cup and toe gripper helps to keep the feet perfectly aligned, whilst the raised edge offers extra protection to the feet and helps to stop muck and grit from getting in.

Since Birkenstock sandals are constructed to last, with the proper care they can see years of use and offer great value for money. With the feet sure to be cool and comfortable all that you need to do is to choose a style. However with 8 main models produced and a vast array of patterns, colours, and materials to choose from, don’t think that selecting the perfect pair from the Birkenstock sandals for women collection is going to be a walk in the park!

Choosing Birkenstock Sandals for Women

To help pick your way through the choice on offer have a look through my hub guide to choosing the best pair of Birkenstock sandals for women to perfectly match them with all their summer outfits. First of all you’ll need to think of the material you want for the uppers as there is a considerable choice. Birkenstock uppers are constructed from leather, suede, microfiber, nubuck leather, Birko-Flor synthetic leather, Birko-Flor Synthetic Nubuck, vegetable tanned leather, and polyurethane. See what I mean about choice?

Each material has its own merits. The leather and nubuck and their synthetic counterpart offer a really robust construction for a really long life. Most models feature a suede lined footbed, however synthetic versions are available if you are looking for vegan friendly Birkenstock sandals.

If you are choosing leather uppers, they can take a little wearing in so wear them for a while before taking them on holiday or you may find that famed Birkenstock comfort somewhat lacking. The synthetic materials are more comfortable straight out of the box and do not need to be broken in.

For a perfect fit, especially if you are buying Birkenstock sandals online, remember that Birkenstocks are larger than most shoes and many women choose half a size or even a full size less than what they would normally wear. (The same is true for Mens Birkenstock sandals)

Most popular Birkenstock sandals for women
Most popular Birkenstock sandals for women

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

The Birkenstock Arizona is one of the most popular styles with its classic two strap design. The adjustable buckles offer a perfect fit even when the feet start to swell in the heat. The unisex style never dates and looks great with most summer outfits. The chunky wide straps are not to everyone’s taste however. It is sold with 6 colour choices and a choice of leather, suede, nubuck, Birko-Flor and vegan microfiber uppers.

This remains one of the most popular styles of Birkenstock sandals for women, and year on year it is a top selling model. 

Patent style Birkenstock sandals for women
Patent style Birkenstock sandals for women

Birkenstock Mayari Sandals

The Mayari provides a twist on the classic two strap sandal design with a stylish cross over toe loop to keep the sandal snugly on the foot, and adjustable buckles for a comfortable fit. The model offers a slightly higher heel than others within the range at ¾ inch with a ½ inch platform. The most popular material is Birko-Flor, which consists of soft acrylic and polyamide fibres to offer comfort straight out of the box.

Stylish summer Birkenstock sandals for women
Stylish summer Birkenstock sandals for women

Birkenstock Granada Sandals

The Granada is a stylish sandal with a two strap design with adjustable buckles and is particularly well suited to wider feet. Great for wear throughout the summer it offers a more feminine style than most of the two strap models within the range. Black and brown are the most popular colour choices. The cork latex footbed is flexible for extra comfort and long life and features a great shock absorbing sole.

These Birkenstock sandals for women were a huge hit in 2010
These Birkenstock sandals for women were a huge hit in 2010

Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals

The Gizeh is one the only true thong sandals produced by Birkenstock, with a comfortable toe post and an elongated top strap with an adjustable side buckle.These fashionable lightweight summer sandals offer a secure and comfortable fit and you’ll be unlikely to want to wear anything else this summer (Although a dress would probably be wise). One of the most comfortable Birkenstock sandals in the range and also the popular choice for 2010

Birkenstock sandals for women with extra elegance
Birkenstock sandals for women with extra elegance

Birkenstock Milano Sandal

The Milano is a unisex two strap model designed for those who would like to wear like sandals but prefer a little more security. The heel strap keeps this model securely on the feet with all three straps featuring an adjustable buckle. The sandals have a super soft lining and the soles will gradually take on the shape of your unique footprint and get more and more comfortable each time they are worn. 

Birkenstock Madrid

Birkenstock Madrid Sandals - Stylish Birkenstock sandals for women for summer
Birkenstock Madrid Sandals - Stylish Birkenstock sandals for women for summer

Birkenstock Madrid Sandals

The Madrid is the classic single strap sandal, perfect for the summer with a single wide toe strap and adjustable buckle for a snug fit. This model offers many patterned styles and bright colours, although the brown leather and patent synthetic leather models are by far the most popular choice. Bestsellers throughout the year they offer simplicity and the ultimate in comfort and cool classic style.

Birkenstock sandals for women with a great secure fit and feminine style
Birkenstock sandals for women with a great secure fit and feminine style

Birkenstock Florida Sandals

The Florida is a casual three strap sandal with three adjustable buckles and is a great addition to your spring and summer wardrobe.

The thin straps offer a feminine style, and the Nubuck uppers are durable for the maximum lifespan. Whilst the model does not feature an extensive range of colours, the classic brown and black leather models are sure to match with most of your summer outfits.

Birkenstock sandals for women at their flimsiest
Birkenstock sandals for women at their flimsiest

Birkenstock Piazza Sandals

Arguably the most feminine model within the entire range, the Piazza is a sleek and stylish sandal with an adjustable buckle for comfort and a toe loop to ensure the sandals stay securely on the feet. The strap is super thin and sexy and the uppers are available in Birkenstock's patented synthetic leather (Birko-Flor) and a super soft suede footbed for straight out of the box comfort.

Best Birkenstock Sandals for Women

When it comes to the best Birkenstock sandals for women, its really a matter of taste and style. Birkenstock sandals for women feature a design and style for all, with a great range of vegan sandals across the whole range. The comfort is exceptional, and they give excellent support.

However there are now some Birkenstock-esque sandals available with divisions breaking away from the company, and operating under license. They may carry the name birkenstock but they are not the Original Birkenstock sandals for women.

Betula | Licensed by Birkenstock

The Betula is not really a Birkenstock, in that it is a breakaway from the company, however they are licensed by Birkenstock and do produce some good models. They are cheaper than Birkenstock sandals for women, however there IS a difference. The foodbed is good, but not as supportive as the originals

The original Betula is a two strap sandal, with wide and comfortable straps for a secure fit, however if you are going to stray from the original then it has to be for the Betula clogs. The uppers are constructed from soft suede, and the design better for the spring and the autumn.

Papillo | Licensed by Birkenstock

Papillo was formed as a breakaway from Birkenstock, coming from the fashion division of the company in 2004. It went its own way and developed its own identity, and operates alongside the original Birkenstock sandals. Papillo offer the same styles as Birkenstock, however use much more fashion forward styles, whilst still retaining the Birkenstock comfort and the winning design. 

If you like to stand out from the crowd, and want the same level of comfort as Birkenstock sandals for women, but with more style, these are what you should have on your feet. 

Tatami by Birkenstock

Tatami is a brand well known for its style and fashion forward designs, and it is the perfect partner for Birkenstock.

It adds a new dimension to Birkenstock sandals for women, and brings many fashionable styles using the Birkenstock comfort footbed as the base, and little else.

You will get sandals which are much better suited to more formal wear, with plush leathers and suedes, and you would never guess the link to Birkenstock just by looking at them.

The latest collection for spring and summer 2011 features some great new models for walking in the Newalk, with a highly comfortable design and greater security for use no matter where you plan to walk.

The Josephine and Liberty are great new additions offering smarter styles for the day and eveningwear.

Great Deals on Birkenstock Sandals

UK and Ireland

For buyers in the UK and Ireland, the best deals can be found at the Drapers Online Company of the Year:



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