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Best Mens Body Wash

Updated on October 3, 2011

Some men don't put too much thought into which bath products they use, while others put way too much thought into it. (You know who you are, metrosexuals!) For those of you who keep a stash of hotel soap and never spend more than 50 cents on shampoo - I feel sorry for your women! And for those of you who spend 50 bucks on something that costs less than 5 to make -- I feel sorry for yours, too, cos you are clearly too taken with yourself! Seriously, there's a happy medium. There are plenty of affordable men's body washes available these days, and they smell absolutely fantastic. Honestly, I've just bought a bottle of Adidas Active Start Hair and Body for my boyfriend, and I cannot stop smelling it! Which means, obviously, that I'll want to be very, very close to him from the moment he gets out of the shower. Possibly before he even leaves it. Wait. Read that part again. And again. Got it? Good! Now go out there and get you something sexifying!

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is pretty old school, but it's still around because it's just too classic to pass up. Nothing from CK ever seems to go out of style! This particular body wash is a tad expensive for everyday use, but you could certainly reserve it for those nights when you expect a bit of naughtiness!

Adidas Body Wash for Men

As I mentioned at the start, I've just bought my boyfriend a bottle of Adidas Active Start Hair and Body -- and the stuff is just yummy. However, it doesn't appear to be available in the US, and is possibly not even available west of central Europe. So I've included two alternatives for you, and yes, they smell lovely, too. Adidas makes great smelling manly products, and as you can see, they're quite affordable.

Not Soap, Radio Shower Gel

Not Soap, Radio. If nothing else, you will love the name and the packaging! They make several formulas, but I doubt men would be interested in the girlie stuff, so here you go -- manly body wash for the beast in you! Moderately priced, but depending on how much you use at a time, you may want to save this for special nights as well. If you prefer, it can also be used as a bubble bath!

AXE Recovery Shower Gel

Tired? Need an energy boost? Want something that'll get you started in the morning? Try the AXE Recovery shower gel. If the scent doesn't wake you up, the sound of women flocking to your shower door ought to get you up at 'em in the morning!

AXE Skin Contact Smoothing Shower Scrub

This AXE shower wash is a very clever little product; it actually doubles as a body scrub, which so many of you need but would never be seen buying. And if you doubt the staying power of this stuff, you only need to watch one of the AXE adverts to know that women will be throwing themselves at the moment you turn the shower on.


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