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Men's Leather Gloves: Sexy Winter Styles

Updated on October 22, 2012
Portalano Leather Gloves
Portalano Leather Gloves

Leather gloves on men are sexy. Take a moment to get your mind around that boys, cos it’s true. It may not be something women consciously think of when they’re checking you out, but they are aware of it on some level. Leather gloves – the right leather gloves – symbolize power. Please don’t ask me why, as that would take far too long to explain. Just trust me when I tell you it’s true. Also trust me when I tell you women are genetically programmed to like men with power. Well, those who aren’t genetically programmed to like women, anyway. So do yourself a favor and make your next pair of winter gloves a leather pair of winter gloves. Or pleather, if you’re vegan or something – just make sure it looks like leather. Take a look at these sexy glove styles.

Portalano Leather Gloves:

These are your classic hot-daddy leather gloves. Simple and elegant, with a bit of fancy stitching down around the cuff. These can be worn any time, any place, by any man. Those willing to spend the dosh, that is. And yes, that's a lot of dosh.

Wilson's Knit Cuff Gloves

These aren't terribly classy or sophisticated, but they are certainly masculine. Which translates into sexy. You can wear these with a puffy coat, a leather jacket, or any other kind of sporting gear - but don't wear them with a dress coat, cos that would be a little strange.

These are not trendy gloves, so go with something else if all you want to do is make a fashion statement the next time you pop into your local disco. These are true winter gloves.

Wilson's Motorcyle Gloves

if you don't feel like visiting Wilson's at the mall, you can find these at any motorcyle shop. Yes, they are meant for men who actually ride motorcyles. So are motorcyle jackets, but that doesn't stop loads of men from wearing them, now does it? So don't feel silly getting you a pair of these, cos them's some sexy gloves.

They're nice and warm and come with that nifty zipper to ensure a snug fit. They have a thinsulate lining and padded knuckles, in case you wander into a bar full of real bikers.

Viper Kevlar Gloves

These are not only sexy, they're made of Kevlar! If that's not an ice-breaker, I don't know what is. Of course, you'll probably have to explain what Kevlar is... and then you'll probably have to explain why you need a pair of gloves made out of it. But hey, you'll look cool while you're doing it!

Wilson's Unlined Dress Gloves

Wilson's has a fleece-lined version of these, but I've included this particular style for a reason; some men hate gloves. Some men would rather go without them cos they feel overheated when wearing something padded for warmth. Well, this is your solution, men. Wear something that's not padded.

These are ventilated and will not get you all hot and bothered by their presence. Instead, you'll feel chic and sexy - cos that's precisely how you'll be looking to the ladies.

Extra Tips:

  • Black is your safest bet.
  • Avoid colors like white or cream which show dirt easily.
  • Avoid colors like red or green, which are way, way too 80s.
  • If you like the style but wish they were warmer, you can always buy glove inserts.
  • Avoid anything wih lots of zippers - one is plenty. More, and you're channeling Michael Jackson.
  • If it's chilly outside but not cold enough for heavy coat, you can always go with a sweater, scarf and dress gloves - it looks sexy, trust me!


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