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Mens Down Jackets: Sexy Styles

Updated on October 22, 2012

If you've read my other articles on men's fashion, you know I truly believe the right clothes can magnify your sex appeal by leaps and bounds. And, you also know that I prefer an understated style, with lots of emphasis on masculinity. I've already shown you my other favorites (pea-coats, aviator jackets, etc) but sometimes those styles aren't warm enough, and sometimes they aren't practical. If you're just on your way out to the pub and the snow's up to your knees, you're probably just going to want something to keep you from freezing the boys off. And that's fine, but there's no reason you can't look sexy while you're doing it. After all, you might run into a sexy snow bunnie along the way. This is a list of my favorite puffy coats. Yeah, technically they're called down jackets or something like that, but I don't care. To me, they're puffy coats, and they make a man look good, y'all. You're just going to have trust me on this one. No matter how old you are, these will suit you.

North Face: Nuptse Coat

My favorite. I love this coat, and I have one myself. It's the warmest thing I've ever owned, and it's incredibly light-weight. You can be out in subzero weather, and you won't feel the chill one bit. It has a hood, but you can keep it stored and invisible. It's really amazing how masculine this coat makes a man look. And I really do mean every man. I used to know a guy who always seemed a bit unsexy in many respects, and I will never forget how stunned I was to see him in one of these. It changed my entire perception of him. I'm sure that will sound shallow - it's not really intended that way, there just isn't a better way to explain it. Just trust me when I tell you it will look good on you. It comes in several colors, but the sexiest is definitely black.

North Face: Aconcaqua Coat

I love this one, too. And I love this color - if you prefer something more matte this is for you. It's pretty much the same coat, but not quite as Michelin Tire Man as the previous one. If you're already a big and broad kind of guy, you may prefer this one, as something too puffy could end up making you look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. You remember that scene from Ghostbusters? Yeah. This is good alternative to that. This coat also differs in the sleeve style, with nice two-toned coloring.

North Face: Prism Optimus Coat

This coat is very cool, and it's probably the most rugged looking of the bunch. This one will actually make you look a bit buff, as well, because of that chest pattern - it'll make your chest look defined even if it isn't. No, really. I don't know if that was the intention, but that's the result. It's subliminal, but it works. That chest pocket also makes you look quite outdoorsy, which equals rugged manly man. Yeah, I know, this description sounds very unscientific. Just trust me when I tell you this is a very good looking coat.

North Face: Elysium Coat

This is similar to the previous coat, but it's a little more glam. It's not too glam, or I wouldn't have mentioned it, but this is probably more for the frat boy type, than the MacGyvers out there, if you know what I'm saying. I like the contrasting colors, and I like that chest pocket. Note, this one doesn't have the same exact pattern as the Prism Optimus - this will not make your chest look like it's defined beyond whatever it already is, because the line's straight across. It's a nice coat, regardless, so if you're into this style go try it on!


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