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Moroccan Oil - Hair

Updated on July 23, 2012
MoraccanOil | Source

A product review!

My hair is pretty healthy. I have never dyed it. I have had highlights maybe 3 times in my life. I made the horrible mistake of doing a curly perm once. Loved the look, but could not stand the smell for the first 3 days, OMG! I don't like a lot of fuss so I do not use the hair dryer or curling iron much. It feels soft to the touch, but it looks dry. I am guilty of not trimming it often, but I don't get split ends. Some friends of mine recommended the Keratine system, but I do not want to sacrifice my hairs natural wave. They reassure me that Keratine does not mean bone straight unless you straighten it, but I still wanted a less expensive, less damaging method of getting the shine I wanted.

While at the Premier Hair and Beauty Expo in Orlando this year, I found out that the MoroccanOil company had a representative their. My dear friend Sophie is from Morocco and I heard her talk about using an oil once. I was able to sneak away from my booth for a few minutes before the event ended to pick up some of the MoroccanOil product line. Now, I am on my 3rd use and I could not be happier. I am hoping that it has long term benefits! The product combo that I picked up included a 3.4 oz bottle of the Oil Treatment, a 1.78 bottle of the Glimmer Shine Spray, an 8.5 oz bottle of the Curl Control Cream, and a bottle of Hair Spray.

My hair after over 20 hours in airports & airplanes, a week of chlorine pools, ocean breezes, sea water, & sand!  Only treated once in the middle of trip!
My hair after over 20 hours in airports & airplanes, a week of chlorine pools, ocean breezes, sea water, & sand! Only treated once in the middle of trip!
After getting home, I washed my hair and used the oil.
After getting home, I washed my hair and used the oil.

Simple and NO Fuss!

The products are light and so simple to use. I am really enjoying myself. As I have said before, I am pretty easy going and am naturally attracted to things that have that in common. I simply wash my hair. I have shampoo at home that is environmentally friendly and I didn't want to get anything until I was done with my year supply of that. I add a little bit of baking soda to it, which helps remove residue and leaves hair soft, but it can cause a bit of frizz since residue usually weighs down hair. The Oil is fantastic. After washing my hair, it is ready to absorb this rich oil. The amazing part is that it absorbs fully into the air and does not feel greasy at all. One benefit that I was not expecting was that it actually helped with my shedding a bit. I have long hair. It goes down past my shoulder blades. When I wash it, a lot of it comes out. It is normal to loose 200 strands a day, so I never really worried too much about it, but it was not fun to try to keep the hair away from the drain. My shedding went down easily over 50%. That was the second thing that I noticed right away. I also noticed that my hair felt thicker and stronger than it had felt in a while. Like I said, I was very happy with what I was seeing and feeling!

The Oil comes in 2 varieties. One for is all hair types and the other is a Light version. I thought since my hair was not thick I would have to get the Light. After speaking with a representative at the show, I learned that the difference had nothing to do with your hair type and everything to do with your hair color. The missing pigment in the blonde or gray hair color makes the Light Oil ideal. What I love best is that the product will last me a while. The Oil does not have to be overused. An amount less than a quarter size is plenty for me and my long locks.

The Glimmer Shine Spray is interesting! It is to be used after styling since it is best to let it sit untouched for a while. After having used a few other shine sprays that were heavy and gave an oily feel when used to close to the scalp, I was really impressed by the light mist. I didn't have to look too hard to see the results or reapply either.

The Curl Control Cream works for both wavy and curly hair. It is an amazing replacement for gel and the other products that make the hair look great as long as no one puts their fingers in your hair. It keeps the hair light and together. It really feels like their is nothing in it, but it helps me fight off the wonderful Florida HUMIDITY!


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    • Moms-Secret profile image

      Lissette 4 years ago from Central Florida

      You are very welcome. Good Luck.

    • KT Banks profile image

      KT Banks 4 years ago from Texas

      I've been hearing about this oil, but was afraid it would be too oily. I have thick, unruly hair. If I don't use a blow dryer, it is really out of control. Leaving it long leads to the bottom half feeling too dry, so I think I will try the oil now that I have read your hub. Thanks!