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Morphe Blush Palette

Updated on August 29, 2015

Morphe brushes is a company I firmly believe in. Their products are the best I have ever used. They are the only brushes I use. I have 5 palettes and one brush set. The palettes I have are the Jaclyn Hill favorites, the 9b blush palette, the 9fw warm foundation palette, the 10con concealer palette, and the 06f pressed powder palette (contour and highlight). The brush set I have is actually no longer available. For the price, the quality of the products is worth every cent! It is practically a steal!

The blush palette has 9 colors. The price is $19.99, which equals out to $2.21 per blush. You cannot get drugstore blush for that price. There are 6 matte blushes and 3 shimmers. The shimmer is not too shimmery and does not have annoying glitter. They look natural on the face and provide a nice, healthy glow. As pictured below, row 1 has a coral color, a baby pink, and a bright, rose color. Row 2 has a light rose pink, a neutral mauve, and a bright pink. Row 3 has a cocoa color, a rich, wine color, and a bright red. Personally, my favorite colors I wear on a daily basis are the neutral mauve (row 2, blush 2) and the light rose pink (row 2, blush 1). I have used all of the blushes on a daily basis, but those two are my go to blushes for school, every day, and when I am in a rush. I have provided swatches of all the blushes by row and what the palette actually looks like.

All in all, I love this blush palette. I can honestly say I will never purchase another blush again. For the price, you get luxury products at a drugstore price. I will repurchase this palette over and over again!

Row 1 of the 9B palette on my hand.
Row 1 of the 9B palette on my hand.
Row 2 of the 9B palette on my left hand.
Row 2 of the 9B palette on my left hand.
Row 3 of the 9B palette on my left hand.
Row 3 of the 9B palette on my left hand.

Let's hear what everyone else thinks!

Which row is your favorite?

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