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Summer Makeup for under $10

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Punkmarkgirl is a freelance writer with a passion for DIY projects & makeup, who specializes in finding the best products for oily skin.

Don’t let the big name brands fool you into thinking they have the only effective products on the market! You can find plenty of lower priced items that function as well, if not better, than those with a hefty price tag. Since most women like to update their makeup collection when the seasons change, here are a few suggestions for inexpensive makeup that will leave you with plenty of cash for those summer beach trips.

Ways to brighten up your summer makeup routine:

Citrus Nail Polish

Bright citrus colors are a must-have for your summer nail polish collection! Think anything in the color realm of Papaya to Cayenne & you’ll have an instantly revved up manicure that tells everybody you're ready for Margaritaville. Try these colors from Zoya ($9) Paz, Destiny,Tanzy.

Aloe Gel Moisturizer

You might think that Aloe Gel is exclusively for sunburns – but for women with oily skin, it makes the perfect pre-makeup moisturizer. During the summer, your skin amps up oil production. The last thing you need is a thick greasy moisturizer just waiting to clog pores! Aloe Vera Gel is light weight and absorbs immediately into the skin. Try Makeup Artist’s Choice Aloe and Lavender Soothing Gel ($8.95).

Oil Absorbent Matte Powder

Since skin oils combined with summer heat can cause makeup to melt away, it’s important to use an oil-absorbent matte powder to set everything in place. One of the best matte face powders is Mattify Cosmetics Transparent Powder in Original (7.99). Best of all, it can be used as primer before your foundation, and again as setting powder afterwards. This will help your makeup last up to 3x longer during hot summer weather. They also have transparent powders for sensitive skin and extra oily skin.

Shimmery Nude Lipstick

Since you’ll be the envy of all girls, rocking a matte complexion during 100 degree temps, you need to add sparkle to your look in just the right place. Using a shimmery nude lipstick with beige or pink undertones will keep lips hydrated and protected from the elements, while amping up your sun-kissed glow. Most women prefer low-key colors for summer, that won’t transfer onto teeth or clothing. Try NYX Glam Lipstick Aqua Luxe in Enchanting or Aurora ($6)

Waterproof Eye Liner

Unless you were lucky enough to be born with big doe eyes, chances are you need to wear some type of eye makeup to help your peepers stand out. Some women prefer to not wear mascara during the summer, because it has a tendency to crumble and flake. The perfect alternative? Liquid Liner. Just make sure to buy a waterproof variety that will last through high heat and humidity. One of the best waterproof liquid liners is Wet n Wild H20 Proof, for only $3.99 at drugstores. It stays put until you remove it (try this creamy waterproof makeup remover from Cover Girl) $5.

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For only $36 you can add all of these inexpensive items to your summer makeup collection! Not bad for completely re-vamping your look to beat the summer heat.


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    • hotfashion profile image

      Mell Watson 3 years ago

      Wow this is a great selection of products! By far my favorite would be the Oil Absorbent Matte Powder, its a must for summer. :)