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DIY Nail Art Designs and Nail Ideas for Beginners: Summery Citrus-Inspired Nails

Updated on May 13, 2012

Citrus-Inspired Nail Art

I've always loved the idea of fruit-inspired DIY nail art designs, and this is one I've done using oranges as my inspiration. The design itself looks fairly intricate, but it's easy to do once you know where to start. I used only a few products to create this design and no special tools. You'll need a base coat, and top coat, and nail art pens in yellow, orange, and white.

Step 1

I created this design on a white nail tip, but the process will be the same on natural nails. Start by drawing the round shapes for your orange slices. I used an orange nail art pen to create and fill in the designs, and then used a white nail art pen to draw in the 'segments' on each slide. When that's done, use the white nail art pen to draw along the outside of the orange circle. That will form the white part of the peel.

Step 3

Fill in the area between the slices using the yellow nail art pen. It's easier to see the white edges in this picture, so you're already getting a real idea of what the design will look like. You could also use a blue nail art pen for this, because it will make the oranges seem even brighter. Blue and orange are complimentary colors, so they always brighten and enhance one another.

Step 4

Once that's done, use the yellow nail art pen to 'lighten' the segments inside each orange slice. Doing this is optional but it does create quite a bit of visual interest. Also use the orange nail art pen to draw an orange line along the outside of the orange slices. This will represent the outermost part of the peel.

Once you've reached this stage, you should have a really unique, fun and fresh nail art design. This is a perfect one for the summer months. Seal the design with a top coat of your choice to finish it off. If you'd like, you could add rhinestones or citrus fimo slices to this design to add even more visual interest. The layout of the design leaves enough space for a trail of orange fimo slices going down the middle. The sky is really the limit with these fun DIY nail art designs.


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