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Naughty Lingerie For Men

Updated on October 12, 2009

If there's one thing we can all agree on, its that men in lingerie are undeniably naughty. Sometimes it can be hard to find lingerie that adequately expresses the extreme naughtiness that the men who wear it feel, because the majority of lingerie is designed for the practical applications of keeping a woman pert and pretty throughout the day. To give those of you who want to express your wild side through the medium of slinky satin and lovely lace, here are some types of lingerie perfectly suited for a naughty man in lingerie.

Crotchless Panties

Crotchless panties are so very naughty. Men who wear lingerie may not like crotchless panties because they don't provide the stimulation that full panties provide, but that can be part of the fun. Crotchless panties are a visual delight and a sensual tease, perfect for when you want to wear something a little different from the ordinary humdrum panties that populate the panty drawers of the world. There's also the fact that crotchless panties make for easy access for both men and women, so having both you and your partner in crotchless panties can make for a most enjoyable time.

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Open Tip Bra

The open tip bra is naughty for much the same reason that crotchless panties are. Open tip bras are bras which have no covering over the nipple region, leaving the nipples free to stimulation from clothing or the air. Quite apart from looking incredibly naughty, open tip bras are excellent for various types of naughty play which I shall not go into here because of the nature of the venue. Let's just say the word 'clamps', and leave it at that.


Bodystockings are so naughty, so sexy, and so different. The bodystocking is quite often overlooked by men who wear lingerie, and women too, for that matter. Perhaps because they serve no real practical function, bodystockings fall by the wayside, which is a pity, because they can be a one stop shop of naughty lingerie sensations, stretching from neck to ankle, covering the wearer's body in sheer delight. Body stockings are commonly made out of lace or mesh, though some are more opaque. There are a wide range of body stocking designs to be enjoyed as well, including crotchless designs.

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