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Neck Skin Care Tips | How to Have a Beautiful Neck ?

Updated on January 30, 2012

Neck is certainly the part of the body showing signs of aging sooner than any other parts of our body, considering the number of times we move our neck, how exposed it is to the elements that contribute aging and how little care and attention we give it.

Moisturizers and Sunscreen

To have a nice looking neck, you need to spend as much time on it as your face. Every cleansing and moisturizing session should include the neck.

Under cold and dry weather, extra application of moisturizer before and after outdoor exposure will help to protect the skin and recover from drying effects.


Under hot weather, exposure to sunlight will trigger the formation of early lines and wrinkles. Therefore a sunscreen ought to be applied to shield your skin against sun damage. Be sure to apply the sunscreen down on to your chest where the clothes are not covering.

After sun bathing, be sure to apply a good after-sun lotion to rehydrate the skin and soothe any soreness. Without these protections, fines lines with grainy texture and criss-crossed lines will soon emerge.

 Exfoliating Scrub


Necks should be cleansed regularly to remove dirt and dead skin cells that dull your neck skin complexion. To do this, dampen the skin and gently apply exfoliating scrub to the neck skin. Regular neck skin exfoliation will give you a healthier-looking skin and aids in new collagen development.

A face mask can also be used to cleanse and exfoliate, leaving the skin softer and smoother. Remember to reach around the neck to the back of your neck and the ears.  

Instead of using the commercial exfoliating scrub, sea salt is a great home remedy to create exfoliating scrub. It removes dead cells from the skin wonderfully. Mix 2 portion of sea salt with 1 portion of lemon juice and turmeric powder. Add more lemon juice to thin it if you like a more liquid scrub.  Make a smooth paste and apply it on your neck.


Smooth it


The skin texture on the neck may not be as smooth as you like. Moisturizing will help to keep it smoother, softer and minimize the appearance of aging lines.  Simple once a weekly routine below will also make a difference:

1)      Wash the neck with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly

2)      Wipe over with a cotton wool pad soaked in your preferred skin toner

3)      Wet a small towel in warm water , wring out, and wrap it around the neck for two to three minutes and relax

4)      Remove the towel and immediately rub in a rich moisturising cream

5)      Leave this for 20 minutes and wipe away an excess

More Neck Care Tips

1) Spotty Neck

If you are prone to have spotty neck, try using medicated skin wash regularly once a week.

2) Black Marks

Wearing jewellery tends to leave ugly black marks on the neck. Avoid wearing jewellery particularly on humid days. If you need to wear something on the neck, wear necklace made of enamel, pearls and bends which tend not to leave mark on the skin when compare to silver, gold or nickel.

3) Avoid Make-up on the Neck

When you apply make-up on your face, stop where the neck starts. Apply foundation just over the jaw line. If there is obvious contrast between the face and the neck colour, it means you are using the wrong colour foundation. You need to change to a shade closer to your skin’s own tone.

4) Avoid perfume on the Neck

In some cases, applying perfume onto your neck may lead to unfavourable effects after exposure to sunlight, causing skin irritation or spotty skin, depending on skin type. Many types of perfumes and colognes contain highly concentrated fragrances and highly light-sensitive ingredients compared to ordinary cosmetic products. When wearing perfume or cologne, make sure to apply them onto areas of the body covered by clothing and protected from sunlight. Wear it on pulse points such as wrists, inside elbows, behind knees or shake a few drips on to a cotton wool pad and tuck it into your bra. This will save your skin!

5) Drink Adequate Amount of Water daily

Insufficient water in the body will lead to dryness, tightness, and flakiness in the neck skin. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkling. Therefore, drink adequate amount of water is important to maintain skin moisture and delivering essential nutrients to the skin cells. Since we lose a great of amount of water daily, we need to replenish it. So, drink at least eight glass of water daily.

6) Take Vitamins and Minerals regularly

To protect your neck skin against free radicals attacks that lead to premature aging, you need to feed your body with antioxidants. Lifepak is a superior multivitamins and minerals supplement that has been clinically proven antioxidant products. It can wonderfully protect your skin and body against damage caused by free radicals.


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