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Perlier Bath and Shower Gel Body Wash with Moisturizing Body Milk Double Fruit Gift Set #515 Product Review

Updated on May 12, 2011

Ok, I didn’t buy this, but received it as a Christmas gift. I usually don’t buy shower gels or body milk moisturizers. When I first received it, I had to ask what the heck is this? All I knew is that it looked like a red apple and white apple reminding me of Snow White. In some versions of Snow White the poison side is red while the white side is white. The evil queen did this, so she knew which side was safe to eat, thus tricking Snow White into thinking the apple was safe after the evil, disguised queen ate half of it.

The second thing I noticed was the strong fragrance coming from the box. Maybe that is why I waited so long before using it. I don’t take kindly to strong fragrances. I tend to get headaches from them. The smell will dissipate after time. After I decided to use the product, I then went on a Google search to learn exactly what the product was and how to use it. I didn’t Google the actual name. I thought I would just be getting sites I couldn’t read, since there is no English on the box at all.

After some searching I found some information on Perlier apple set. It is actually called a Double Fruit gift set #515. The red apple contained a bath/shower gel to be used in place of regular soap. The white apple contains body milk to be used after taking a shower or bath. Today I found out the company is Italian located near Turin in Italy. They claim to grow their own plants, which are free of insecticides and pesticides.

On other review sites there were mixed reviews on the product and body milk in general. I read some comments were other people would swear by it, and others where people said it was not a big deal. What was common was to only use a little bit, since it is more expensive than regular soap. You only receive so much of the product. Some even said they only use the product on special occasions.

You only get 5fl oz in each apple container. The containers are not full to the top. There does seem to be a fair amount in the containers though. I decided to go ahead and open the box. The box wasn’t that hard to open. It was the little plastic rings that go over the stem to show the consumer that it has not been previously used or tampered with. I had to use scissors with a very thin tip for the gel, and later after the bath I used tweezers to poke through the plastic. No matter what you use, make sure you don’t poke yourself. They don’t make it easy to take the plastic off.


In the shower, I went ahead and used the gel. I admit I did not use much initially, because of the strong fragrance. I didn’t know how it would react to my skin. I use Dove or Ivory soap, since other soaps irritate me. I’m not sure if it the dye used to color the soaps and/or the fragrance they use. I was cautious. I didn’t have any reaction with the gel, which was good. I did need to use more than just a little bit. I guess everyone has their own preference. I personally like a lot of lather.

I started using more of the gel. I noticed that it poured out slow, since it is thick. Much thicker than suave shampoo, that pours out generously fairly quickly. If I drop it, it wouldn’t all drain out of the apple shaped bottle at once. Each time I went to use it, I kept telling myself I won’t drop it. The stem is fairly easy to pull out, but does get slippery after awhile.

After I used and rinsed the gel, I felt like there was a film left on my skin. Something just didn’t feel right to me. I did end up using soap to get rid strange feeling on my skin. It was real strange. It felt like I should be able to touch my arm and peel some type of thin film off of it. The only thing I can even come close to comparing it with is when I was a kid messing around with Elmer’s glue. After it dried on your hands, you could peal that thin layer of glue off of your skin. Of course with the gel, there was nothing to peel. Using regular soap got rid of the feeling.

Looking at the bottle, I saw I didn’t use as much as I thought I did. I kept using more gel when the lather would disappear completely. It actually looks like I hardly used any. I know I applied gel to my cloth at least 5 or 6 times during the shower. Where as I only have to apply regular soap once or twice.

After the shower, I went to try the body milk moisturizer. I wanted to see what it would do on wet skin. It just beaded up. I dried off completely before applying any more. It had more of a smell than the gel does. It was milky white, and felt like suntan lotion when applying it. The thought ran through my head hoping my husband didn’t think I actually put on suntan lotion. I know how much he hates it when I use it.

The problem with the body milk was getting it out of the container. At least the gel came out slowly when tipped. The body milk liked to stay in the container. The container is not squeezable. Every time I wanted more moisturizer, I had to hit the top against my hand. Other than feeling like I was applying suntan lotion, it didn’t seem to be any better than other moisturizers that I have used where it left my skin slightly softer to the touch. There was no big noticeable difference. Maybe used over time it will make more of a difference.


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