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Pink Topaz: Information & Buy Pink Topaz Jewelry Online

Updated on January 5, 2014


Topaz is a typical epithermal mineral of orthorhombic crystal. The most famous source of topaz is Brazil, where you can find mostly the pale-blue crystal. Other places include Mexico, USA, Sri Lanka, Japan, USSR ,Nigeria, and Zaire. It was not given the name "topaz" until the first half of the 18th century. Prior to that its history is unclear. There are two uncertain versions regarding the origin of its name. Some say it comes from a Red Sea island formerly known as Topazius (the Greek name for Zabargad or St. John’s Island), where peridot has been found; others say it is derived from the Sanskrit word "TOPUS", which has the meaning of "fire".The hardness for topaz is exactly 8, the specific gravity is 3.52 - 3.56.

Pink Imperial Topaz: with Purple/Violet Hues
Pink Imperial Topaz: with Purple/Violet Hues
Pink Imperial Topaz Stone Oval Cut
Pink Imperial Topaz Stone Oval Cut

Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz is a special variety of topaz mined mostly in the region of Ouro Preto, Brazil. It is said to have earned its reputation due to its popularity among Russian royalty back to the 19th century, when Ural Mountain mines were an important source. In the early days topaz was the only gem of importance found near Ouro Preto. The gemstone was frequently referred to as “imperial” topaz to honor Brazilian royalty. It was later given the name “precious” topaz by some.

Pink Topaz

Imperial topaz includes an array of different colors, and pink topaz is one of them, so it is also generally called pink imperial topaz. Other colors include golden-yellow and pink-orange. The most valuable variety of topaz can be found in Brazil, Pakistan and Russia.The Ouro Preto mines contain mainly of orange and pink topaz. Pakistan has also begun to produce fine gem quality pink topaz. More than 70,000 carats of gem quality pink topaz has been reported to date. The most valuable is pink to reddish. The coloring agents are trace elements like iron and chromium.

Pink is possibly the most valuable and rare of all imperial topazes. Pink topaz can be dark magenta, or light lemonade pink. Deep vibrant pink color is generally more valuable, and can be up to $3500 per carat, lighter pink stones can be of slightly lower in value. Basically the more vibrant and unique the color, the more valuable the gem is. Because pink topaz occurs naturally in such small amounts, they hardly reach 4 carats or higher. Also, they are used most often for small jewelry like rings or earrings. However pink topaz is also made by using orange shades of topaz. The center is taken away using light, which leaves the naturally occurring pink. This is more common than natural pink topaz, so the value is less. The color of natural topaz also tends to be darker than treated pink topaz. Pink topaz is a beautiful and rare gem, and makes a wonderful gift.

Heart Shape Created Pink Topaz and Genuine Diamonds Earring Studs
Heart Shape Created Pink Topaz and Genuine Diamonds Earring Studs

Pink Topaz Meaning

The meaning of Pink topaz is much undefined, since it is such a modern stone. However, many believe it symbolizes love. It gives the couple a deeper bond, so it is considered color of romance, and is a very much favored Valentine gift. But other than that, pink topaz doesn’t seem to have any other special meanings.

Purple topaz has an exact shade that is actually quite different from Pink topaz. Although it is almost as expensive, they are much rarer. They have a luxurious color, and its meaning is also not clear. Purple topaz generally symbolizes wealth and fortune, only to be obtained by the rich.

Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Pendant Sterling Silver
Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Pendant Sterling Silver

Buying Pink Topaz Jewelry

Pink topaz is very rare in nature and costly. The vast majority of pink topazes on the market today are heat-treated yellow stones that turn pink. Many are selling as lab created pink topaz, I'm not sure if that refers to treated topaz or a gem that was completely created in the lab. Quality lab created pink topaz can be relatively expensive, though far less than natural stones. As I recommended for buying imperial topaz, you should exercise extra caution when buying pink topaz jewelry. You don't want to be tricked into buying a different gem thinking you are buying a pink topaz, or mistaken a lab created pink topaz as natural pink topaz. As of purchasing such expensive gemstone jewellery, always make sure you are buying from a reputable jeweler, do not bother getting one from individual seller in another country. When seeing amazing prices for large stones, stay away since they have to be fake. Some sell pink topaz CZ, do not mistaken that as real pink topaz.


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