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Professional Hair Shears - Why hairstylists use them!

Updated on June 29, 2013

One of the prime reason why stylists use professional hair shears is the comfort factor it offers. Other cutting tools like razors and clippers are not too comfortable as compared to hair scissors. Also, these shears allow them to reach tight places, where other cutting tools cannot reach.

Clippers and razors have some limitations and are hence not very frequently used. Professional hair shears are available in various sizes and thus they suffice the requirements of every stylist.

Every type of stylist, be it a celebrity stylist or the one working in a salon, uses hair scissors. They have their own set of special hairstyling shears which they use for special purposes.

There are various types of hair shears. Some are used only for cutting hair, some are used for making hair thinner while others are used to provide finishing touches. Also, the various cutting techniques require different types of hair scissors. One cannot perform point-cutting with a texturizer!


If you are looking to buy premium hair shears online, you should look out for such providers whose collection includes shears that are made from Japanese steel and provide superior comfort. They are very dependable when it comes to performance and offer high durability.

Other cutting tools like clippers and razors can never give a finished haircut. You definitely require professional hair shears for that. If you're a hairstylist, take your first step and get yourself a good pair of professional hair shears.

If you know of some other reasons why hairstylists use professional hair shears, let me know by commenting below.


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    • Monique Brown profile image

      Monique Brown 4 years ago

      yes, totally, thank you so much for the info, I use the saki katana hair shears which are pretty good and cut smoothly :)