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Reasons To Get An Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Updated on July 30, 2009

There are many reasons to get an eyebrow hair transplant and people will opt for this solution for cosmetic or medical reasons.

Eyebrows are a very prominent feature of the face.  Every decade fashion dictates what look is in or out for the season.  During the 1930s and 1940s it was very popular to have very thin eyebrows, which were tweezered and plucked into shape.  These can be seen in the old black and white movies of the time.  Actresses like Bette Davis and Mary Pickford looked very striking. 

A few decades later and we were bombarded with pictures and images of Brooke Shields with her very bushy eyebrows.  Today the brow is still an important feature of fashion.  They are usually well defined and contoured into a specific shape.  Celebrities with great looking eyebrows include the very beautiful Tyra Banks and the alluring Angelina Jolie.

People choose to have work done to improve the appearance of their brows for many reasons. Here are just a few.

Get the Angelina Jolie look with an eyebrow hair transplant
Get the Angelina Jolie look with an eyebrow hair transplant

Victim Of An Accident

Eyebrow transplants were originally carried out on people who had suffered a physical accident where they lost their brows due to receiving burns to the face or from suffering from chemical burns.

Surgeons found that they were able to extract hair from one part of the body and implant it into the brow line to create a brand new eyebrow.

Enthusiastic Overplucker

As the fashion for thin eyebrows came in, some women plucked the hair to their hearts content. When the area is plucked too much the hair will simply stop growing. Once the hair follicle stops producing new hair, nothing can be done to reverse this situation. The only solution is hair transplantation.

The After-effects Of Medical Treatment

Sometimes the cure for an illness will make hair fall out. This can be the case for people recovering from chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Hair will stop growing around the brow area and the condition may become permanent.

You could get fantastic brows like Trya Banks with an eyebrow hair transplant
You could get fantastic brows like Trya Banks with an eyebrow hair transplant

Alopecia Sufferer

Some forms of alopecia will affect the growth of hair on different parts of the body. The condition can be short term for some people or they could end up with permanent hair loss. If there is hair growing on some parts of the body it can be possible to have a hair transplant.

Cosmetic Enhancement

Some people will be dissatisfied with the eyebrows they have. They may be naturally thin or the hair is too fine and almost transparent. Others may have a scar on their brow which has stopped hair growth and left them with patchy looking eyebrows. Getting eyebrow implants can address these issues and fix the problem.

Whatever the reason is, eyebrow hair transplant does make a radical difference to your appearance. If it will make you look and feel better, find out more about the process to see if it is an option for you.

Read more about getting eyebrow hair transplants


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  • Tiptopcat profile imageAUTHOR

    Victoria Virgo 

    9 years ago from London, UK

    Hiya peperlynn76 - glad the overplucking has ended. I am sure the waxing gives a much better look. You definitely need a steady hand with the tweezers.

  • pepperlynn76 profile image


    9 years ago from California

    I have been an "over plucker" in the past. Now I just wax my eyebrows because I do not trust myself with tweezers in hand. lol

  • Tiptopcat profile imageAUTHOR

    Victoria Virgo 

    9 years ago from London, UK

    @rb11 -Absolutely correct about the protection that they provide.  Don't want any critters falling into the eye area now do we. lol.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  • Tiptopcat profile imageAUTHOR

    Victoria Virgo 

    9 years ago from London, UK

    @Lady_E - Thanks for stopping by. I have written something about eyebrow tattoos on the following hub - Check it out:

  • rb11 profile image


    9 years ago from Las Vegas

    It sure has a dramatic effect in appearance, it makes sense that a lot of movie people do this. Isn't it's natures purpose that these brows lend some protection to our eyes?


  • Lady_E profile image


    9 years ago from London, UK

    Interesting Hub Top Cat. I wonder which is better - an eyebrow transplant or a permanent eyebrow (tattoo)..... Oh, the things ladies do to look beautiful. :)


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