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Reebok Nano 5.0 CrossFit Shoes Review

Updated on June 27, 2015

The Reebok Nano 5.0 was officially announced to the world last week and will replace the popular nano 4.0 as Reebok's number one CrossFit shoe.

I am a huge fan of the nano 4.0 and over the past year I have owned two pairs, both have served me well. I still use my nano 4.0 shoes to this day because they are ideal for my own cross training routine.

The new nano 5.0 looks completely different to any of the previous versions but is it as good? I have been testing them all week so I thought I would write a review for anyone considering buying a pair.

Nano 5.0 Release Date

The Nano 5.0 has not been realest to the public as yet. It's official release date is the 25th of June however you can pre-order the shoes today from Reebok.

There are two options you can buy a standard pair of nano 5's designed by the Reebok team or you can design your own using the Reebok customize page. The standard version is priced at $129.99 and the custom design option is $160.00. Both option include free delivery but you can't return the custom option unless it has a defect.

Grey and Purple

Red and Black

Grey and Black

What Is Your Favorite Color?

What Color Nano 5 Do You Like The Best?

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My Reebok Nano 5.0 Review

The biggest change to the shoe is the introduction of kevlar material. Kevlar is a industrial strength material designed for durability. This material is also fairly lightweight so the combination of these two elements is a good building block for most athletic shoes.

Before I tested the shoes I thought the upper looked ok. The design is nothing special but I do like the array of numbers and text on the shoe. The material feels flexible but the sole is very stiff. I am not convinced that the quality of the sole will last the lifetime of the shoe as I have already noticed signs of chipping.

During testing the Kevlar upper comes into it's own and performs very well. I was impressed with it's never say die attitude by handling everything I wanted to do very easily. Rope climbs for example started off with the sole grip but I found myself using the side of the upper the more I climbed and it was very effective. After doing this a number of times I can't see any sign of wear and that's impressive for any material.

The toe box is also made with Kevlar and has a large rubber bumper. I understand why Reebok have added this as it does protect the toe but I feel it makes the front look clunky.

Custom Design

If you have owned a pair of nano's in the past you will probably know they are not the best for running. In fact if you intend to do more than two miles of running every other day I would highly recommend buying a pair of running shoes.

The Nano 5.0 is slightly better than the Nano 4.0 when it comes to running but isn't comfortable. If you are just doing short bursts or will be only using the shoes for Crossfit then they are fine but cross training for me also includes running so I will need another pair of running shoes.

The new lacing system is effective. I like the quality of the laces and they don't come undone easily. I also appreciate the loop holes top and mid section as this keeps everything in place.
I will say if you compare the lace system to Nikes flywire then Nike wins hands down. You also have the option to buy additional laces and a kevlar lace. I haven't tested the Kevlar lace but I can imagine it will be strong but not sure if it will stay in place as well as the cotton.

I briefly talked about the sole and why it is so stiff I am unclear but the grip it provides is very good. A lot of my own training is done inside but I also tested it on grass, gravel and hard surfaces. I feel I am being a little unfair comparing it to Nike products but the Nike metcon's sole is a lot better in my opinion.

My conclusion after testing for a short period of time is the new nano 5.0 is a very good shoe. I think a lot of it's features make it a market leader but it does lack in some aspects.
Overall I would highly recommend the nano 5.0 but if you like to distance run like myself then you will need a second pair of running shoes.

A More Detailed Nano 5 Review

How did I get a pair so early?

About a month ago I was sent a photo by a good friend who told me they where selling nano 5's at the CrossFit regional events. She lives in Japan so I didn't know if they where going to do the same here is the USA. I decided to email Reebok directly to ask and they said they would be selling limited stock at the USA regional.

Due to work commitments I was unable to attend on the day however a number of people started to sell their nano 5 shoes on Ebay and I managed to find a pair in my size.

The shoes only cost me $110 + postage that's $20 less than what Reebok are going to be selling them for on the 25th. I have no idea why they where so cheap but they are genuine and that's how I managed to buy them so early.

Let me know your thoughts

As you can see I have mixed feelings about the Nano 5.0 but what do you think?
It would be awesome to know everyone's opinion on the new shoe.
Do you like the way it looks? Have you been testing them yourself? Are you going to be buying a pair?

All your thoughts and opinions are welcome.


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