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Remington F7800 Shaver Titanium-X Dual Foil Review

Updated on December 22, 2014

The Remington F7800 shaver features the amazing Triple Shave technology that guarantees removal of even the tiniest hairs giving you a smooth shave like no other. Its Flex & Pivot mechanism allows for multi-directional shaving.

A few years ago, I toyed with the idea of switching to dry shaving. I ordered a Braun Series 3 and the result was disappointing, immediately closing that chapter for me. No matter how hard I pushed the device, it did not seem to give me the desired result. Though I had given up on electric shavers for some time after that, I got myself a Panasonic model but was still disappointed.

Remington F7800 Shaving Experience

When I saw the Remington F7800, my interest was sparked once again and decided to give electric shavers one last try. The razor was promising and lo and behold, here was a razor that had the right price, design and performance.

The shaving experience with the Remington F7800 is really thorough for an electric shaver and gives results comparable to wet shaving. A few problem areas remain though- the neck and sideburns still require change in direction and pressure intensity to achieve the desired result.

Skin irritations are minimal but are dependent on how sensitive one’s skin is. With this shaver the effects of the irritation lasts a day while with wet shavers it normally lasts two days. I can shave comfortably in any position without using foam or water.

Cleaning is achieved using the accessory brush and water. Occasionally, you can change the spare blades and shaving foil if they become worn out.

The Remington F7800 Shaver is convex shaped and fits comfortably in the hand. The on/off switch is slightly offset to the side of the case and is easy to operate. This shaver is made from material that appears very high quality just like in the marketing pictures. However, on closer inspection you will realize that it is just plastic material.

Charging duration and battery life are important features of any shaver and with the Remington F7800, the battery lasts a long time. I do not use the trimmer so this is not a very important factor to me. One feature that I find unnecessary is the load/hold station which I override by connecting the power cord directly to the shaver without any problem at all.

There is a slip-on cap for protection of the shaving foil. As for the availability of spare parts, they are available online but will tend to be costly in the long run.

Remington F7800 shaver
Remington F7800 shaver | Source

Remington F7800 Shaver Features

The shaver comes with the following features as standard:

  • Triple Shave technology
  • Flex & Pivot Technology
  • Titanium coated detail / trimmer
  • Steel sheets
  • Cord / cordless operation

The Remington F7800 shaver is slightly larger than, say, the Braun or Panasonic, but it feels very good in the hand and is not too heavy. When shaving the head follows the contours of the face very precisely without having to apply much pressure.

Shaving with the device results in a shave that is comparable to wet shaving. The battery is still in top condition even after a year of daily use without loss of capacity. Likewise, I have not detected any negative change to the shaving foil. If you consider the fact that comparable devices like Braun or Panasonic cost three or times more than the Remington F7800, it is really a well-kept secret and definitely a recommend buy.

Before this shaver, I had never thought that dry shaving was achievable at such high quality. With other shavers there is always some stubble left and you need to pass over the skin several times before achieving a smooth shave. This is especially true of the upper lip area and I was surprised at how the Remington F7800 handled this area.

The battery lasts for approximately 30 shaves before needing recharging. It is possible to shave and charge the device at the same time via the dock that comes with the shaver.

The Remington F7800 Shaver feels good in the hand
The Remington F7800 Shaver feels good in the hand | Source

Cleaning of the shaver is easy- you simply pull off the head and rinse it under warm (not hot) water. You then shake and pack the device ready for the next use. I do not use the trimmer a lot but the result is good enough. One thing I noticed and want to share here is that apparently the shaver works better when the protective film is removed. This is something that I realized quite by accident as I had received my shaver with the film partly coming off. I just peeled it off completely and noticed that the device worked ok without it.

From the ergonomics point of view, the shaver is just great. It feels great in the hand and is also relatively easy to operate. The trimmer at the back is very good for contour cutting when needed.

Included with the charging cable is a brush that is used for cleaning the remaining hairs after shaving. The cap can be removed easily but also holds firmly when it is attached to the device. Also, the shear attachment can be removed very easily without applying much force.


This shaver meets all the expectations compared with similar products priced at over $250. It provides a completely satisfactory, skin-friendly and quick shave. I especially like the countdown timer that goes from 60 minutes to zero before recommending recharging.

I have seen some reviews that complain about the shaving foils getting worn out in three months. While I have not yet experienced this, I can easily replace them when they do get worn out without feeling the financial burden. This is because the initial low cost of the shaver at around $70 justifies the small experience of occasional purchase of shaving foils. In addition to that, I also do feel that the low shear strength of the foils is what contributes to its excellent shaving results.

The device has shortened my shaving time by half and it is an obvious buy recommendation from me.

Remington F7800 Display will show the charge level
Remington F7800 Display will show the charge level | Source


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