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Rings - Wedding Rings Engagement Rings and Rings for everyday wear

Updated on February 20, 2015

Rings For All Occasions

Rings have always been a favourite part of a Jewelry collection, and with most couples getting married in the summer months, one of the most important part of the ceremony is the exchanging of the rings. The most popular and traditional of rings usually includes a Diamond. Either a cluster of diamonds or one prominent large diamond which is placed in the middle of the ring. But these days we have so much more choice of rings, either for weddings, engagements or just every day wear. A ring can set off an outfit nicely. With matching handbags and clothing, a ring will certainly bring the sparkle to your outfit and be the centre piece of your whole look. Even though diamond rings can be quite expensive, there are many other stones that can be just as pretty, if not more so. Especially engagement rings. These don't have to be traditional. In fact you can choose from a selection of many shapes and sizes.

And of course if you are a collector of rings like I am, there is always another one that you really must have!

Red for the Heart

Let's start with beautiful red. There is nothing quite like a lovely red stone that sparkles in the sunlight. From sterling silver to lovely gold, cut with diamonds or semi precious stones, every single one of them are brilliantly cut, and lovely to look at. From birthstones to vintage cut, there are so many to choose from. A ring doesn't necessarily mean an an engagement or wedding, they can be given for birthdays or just to say thank you. over the years I have been bought many rings. I seem to have trinket boxes full of them! I prefer silver to gold. I think this is because my skin tone is quite fair. If you have a lovely tan or darker skin, then I think that gold sets it off really well. If you are not sure what suits you best, then lay a small piece of gold or silver across your wrists and you will see which one suits you best. if you are buying a silver or gold ring for a friend or loved one, check out what sort of jewelry they wear first. Take a look at any necklaces or bracelets that they might wear. Is it gold or silver? Of course you can mix and match the different colours and metals, but it does look so much better if you try to match them up.

Chunky for Teens!

Teenagers, as we know, always like to wear something different. So if you are planning on buying him or her a ring for their birthday, why not try out the chunky ring range? From cool silver to multi coloured fashion, these rings come with a great stretch back so you don't have to worry about getting the right size! Of course it's better if you do check any ring size before you buy, but if you get one of the stretch ones there shouldn't be a problem if you are a size out. I personally love the Brass burnished pearl and jewel heart ring, it is lovely and chunky, with a great shape. I really like this one as it is so different. But there are many different shapes and sizes to choose from. So why not buy something different for them? I am sure they will love these!

Beautiful Blue Sapphire fit for a Princess

Blue is my favourite colour, and I must admit to always wanting a lovely Sapphire ring. Silver and blue go together so nicely. And the advantage of buying these rings online is the fact that they are so much cheaper to buy. If you go to a jewelry shop each and every item is priced so high. Yet to own one of these gorgeous blue colour rings is in everybody's price range. There are so many to choose from, but I liked these two the best. I met Princess Diana in the early nineties and I remember her wearing her blue engagement ring. Of course I have no idea at the time what the stone was or how much it was worth! But seeing this Diana ring brought back so many memories. So, with another Royal Wedding on the horizon, I just felt that it would be appropriate to add this one for her. Prince William has passed on this wonderful ring to his bride to be, Kate Middleton. As he says that it will make it feel as though his mother will be there at the wedding.

Engagement Rings

When a man buys his lady her engagement ring, it calls for a very special moment. Will he get down on one knee to propose? Or will he take her somewhere romantic and exotic? But the most important part of this personal ceremony is the giving of the ring. Does he buy her a diamond ring, or maybe something with a bit more colour to it. Every woman wants to feel special and, for her the Diamond is the most amazing and spectacular of all the stones. It doesn't have to be really expensive either. you can now buy rings online that are really good quality but less expensive than buying them from a jewellers. The one thing that you must always remember before buying her this most special ring is to somehow find out her ring size! Maybe take a ring that she already wears to the jewellers and ask if they can measure it for you. This is very important. You don't want to get down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage and then place the ring on her finger, only to find out that it doesn't fit!

Wedding Rings

Now we come to the big day. The dress is ready, the Church has been booked and the guest list is a mile long! The bride waits nervously at the Church, listening for the first strains of the wedding march. Taking a deep breath she starts to walk down the Aisle. This will be his and her most memorable day of their lives. Every thing is perfect. The vicar smiles and asks them both do they take each other to be their lawful husband and wife. The crowd holds their breath, and in one sweet moment, they become husband and wife. Now is the time for placing the rings on their fingers. Did he buy her the right ring? Did she find the lovely gold band that he so wanted? I hope so. This is the most special day that they will remember for ever. There of course is always that awful second when everyone believes that the best man has forgotten to bring the rings with him! But then, with a sigh of relief, he hands them over to be placed on their fingers. They smile at each other, lean forward into a kiss, and then turn to face the world as husband and wife.

Whether you choose a diamond wedding ring, or a simple gold band. The meaning is the same. It is meant to stay on their finger for life. So you want to make sure that you buy the right one. It isn't about money. It is about making your spouse happy. So go on, take a look and see what you think will be the perfect wedding ring. Because this special day will be indelibly imprinted on your mind forever.

Rings for all Occasions

So whether you prefer Diamonds or Ruby's, Sapphire's or Gold, there will always be a ring that will make you smile. I hope you find the ring that you love.


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