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Rocking Summer Jeans Part 2

Updated on November 7, 2015

Rock Your Jeans

You can add your own sassy patches!
You can add your own sassy patches!

Creating Custom, Colorful Patches

Several weeks ago, I showed you how to alter old jeans, to make some cool shorts, by following the instructions. You create lovely, colorful and cool patches for your old jeans. If You're a little clumsy like me, and spilled bleach on your jeans you can save them! They're not ruined don't throw them out! A patch or two, will give them new life.

Don't worry if you can't sew, or you aren't an artist, doesn't matter. Create some coloful or chic patches and they'll have a brand new life. You can make them trending, they'll look upcycled and nobody will ever know, about the spill! These instructions are for small spots. You can hide larger spots, with bigger patches or fabric paint.


Store bought iron-on denim patches

Large needles (darners are fine)

Thread, (you can use a contrasting color or match the jeans)

A large and small paint brush

Small Sharp Scissors

Acrylic paints, (try three or four different colors like red, blue and green, white)

Take the iron-on patches out, and cut them in the design you want; a heart, circle, square, diamond etc. Look at magazine pictures or other small pictures, online or on clothing and create a design. You may want flowers, on your denim patch, or smiling faces or a cross or whatever you like. Prepare a place, on the table to paint. Put the patch, you've cut on a piece of newspaper.

Open the paints and stir them a little. Use a cup of water, to dilute the paint a little, dip your brush in it. Wipe the excess with a towel. You can draw your design with a red pen, or just start painting. Dip the brush in red to make roses, and put tiny paint marks in a circle. Use the green paint with the other smaller brush, and put green or white spots in the middle of the "petals". You continue this process until you have, as many flowers or designs as you like. Allow the patch to dry, place a small object on each end like small cups. This will keep the patch from curling up so much.

When the patch is dry, place it on the spot on your jeans, you are trying to cover. Take a thin piece of cloth and lay it over the patch. This is so you won't get paint on your iron. Iron the patch back and forth, until it is secure . Don't leave the iron on the patch, it may ruin it.

Thread your your needle and thread, and start sewing the patch to to the jeans, around the edges. If you can't sew it's simple, just look at the photo. When you've sewn it on, you may want to iron it again. You're done! You can experiment with painting peace signs, kittens, whatever suits your fancy! You can make about four of the size patches, you see in the photo. Happy patch making! Jackets are fun to decorate too.

Make Custom Jean Patches

Patch painted in red flowered design, let dry and iron onto jeans.
Patch painted in red flowered design, let dry and iron onto jeans. | Source
Denim Patch
Denim Patch | Source

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