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Designer Women's Rubber Boots

Updated on August 24, 2010

Rubber boots keep your feet dry and safe from pathogens and the outside world. When it's not socially acceptable to cover yourself from head to toe in rubber, your feet will always get the benefit of the doubt.If you needed a better reason to wear rubber boots, you're not going to get one. Being a rubber boot enthusiast is like being a witch or a child prodigy. It's not something people have to convince you of, it's something you just are.

Though rubber boots are usually reserved for dour places like farms and slaughterhouses, there's no real reason why a nice pair of rubber boots can't become a fashion staple. Everybody needs a signature piece, and if you're tired of bohemian maxi dresses and camel colored coats, then it may be time to give a pair of rubber boots a try.

Don't give into the idea that rubber boots are ugly and unworthy of your pretty tootsies. Rubber boots have come a long way in the last few years, and with a little support and encouragement, they'll go the distance. (Whatever that distance might be.)

Cowgirl Rubber Boots

Behold the way I dash into the first of these rubber boots without so much as skipping a beat or pausing for a puddle. These rubber cowgirl boots are perfect for the fashionable lady who wants to keep her feet warm and dry. The particular style pictured is called 'Damask Cowgirl' and is available from Rain Co, a lovely website with a wide range of rubber boots to fit all seasons and situations.

High Heeled Rubber Boots

High heeled rubber boots are a topic I will be expanding on in due course, but for the moment, feast your eyes upon these lovely Hippy themed rubber boots, also from Rain Co. Not only do they bring a sense of inner peace and connectedness with the world, they also feature a heel. Is there anything more feminine on the planet than a woman wearing high heeled galoshes? I should think not!

Click HERE for more High Heeled Rubber Boots from some of the world's most famous designers.

Traditional Boots With A Feminine Twist

And finally we return to the realms of the mundane, with this traditionally styled rubber boot / wellington / galosh / whatever you want to call it. But unlike other traditionally styled rubber boots that invariably end up being black or perhaps green if you're the Queen of England, these rubber boots have a lovely tasteful paisley pattern that soothes the eyes and elicits coos of approval from high flying socialites during layovers in International Airports.

Rubber boots are not merely functional items of apparel, they are the guardians of your feet, and should never be overlooked in favor of more mainstream, less protective shoes. Rubber boots will be at your feet day and night, whilst other shoes cower in the closet and wilt at the merest hint of rain. Return their loyalty. Return their love.


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