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Salon Software Business Plan and Management Software

Updated on July 13, 2011

Track Your Clients With Salon Software

Save time and money with salon software. If you're a salon owner or manager, you know how important it is to keep track of clients and employees. Doing payroll manually can be time consuming and frustrating. Using software that keeps track of all transactions within the salon, is the easiest solution to generate reports and calculate tax and earnings.

This is an important tool in marketing your beauty salon too. Find out how many services you provided for the day, week, month or year. Adjust your prices, promote specials, and market your business based on the information that your salon software keeps track of on a daily basis.

Get personal with your clients. Keep a record of their services and add a description of their visit. Save the formula for hair color, keep track of chemical services, and dates for when the client should be seen again.

Save time and and money. Run your salon efficiently with salon software today!

Hair Salon Software

What Does Salon Software Do?

Appointments can be easily added and modified in order to keep track of clients and money transactions. Times, dates and services can all be added quickly and effortlessly. No more paper receipts and bulky calculators.

A good salon software program will have the appointment book linked to the point of sale function. Salon Hair Products can also be added during check out to.

Add discounts, sales specials or track a loyal customers with reward points. All of this can be accomplished and adjusted accordingly at check out. Salon software also links to the money drawer and will prompt it to open in order to collect cash and give back change.

Using salon management software will help you keep track of all appointments and point of sale transactions with ease and accuracy. At the end of the day you'll be able to printed out all transactions and file or distribute end of day slips to your employees.

Need more then just salon software? Check out this article on Hair Salon Equipment to get your salon up to date and ready for clients!

Business Plan Software

Salon Business Plan and Management Software

Salon Business Software

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Export, Back Up, Or Transfer Data
  • User Friendly And Easy To Navigate
  • Customizable For Your Specific Business Needs

Business Planning Software

  • Operates in MS Excel Financial Mode With A 3 Year Plan
  • 9 Chapters of Industry Research Investor and Bank capable
  • Secure Memorandum and PowerPoint Presentation for no additional cost
  • Instructions for the Software and the Business Planning
  • No Monthly Fee

Business Planning For Your Salon

Steps To Owning and Managing Your  Own Salon

  • Find a location that is in a high traffic area 
  • Make sure the space can allow for all of the salon equipment
  • Go to your local Community College and find about their free business plan services.
  • Get a application for a small business loan at your local bank.
  • Call a Realtor ( they'll walk you through the process of inspections and licensing )
  • Interview potential staff and make sure that they have licensing in their field.

When your financing comes through it's time to buy or rent a location for your new hair salon. 

Best Wishes!


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