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Secrets for Choosing the Perfect Gold Earrings

Updated on November 20, 2010

Buying Gold Earrings?

When deciding you want to purchase a pair of gold earrings, factors such as your budget, the store you want to buy your earrings from and the style of the earrings are all issues you need to think about. Gold is always an investment, which is why you want to make sure you know what you are getting even though shopping for jewelry might be a lot of fun. The next time you want to buy earrings, try taking the followings into consideration.


The first consideration you must make is whether or not you want jewels in them. You can find stones in a variety of styles from natural to synthetic and precious and semi precious. Color can of course affect the overall look of the gold earrings. Diamonds add an elegant look to gold earrings. Rubies and garnets will add a more colorful look. If you like a lot of variety in colors try chandelier earrings which offer an assortment of bright colored stones.


You need to think about how comfortable you will be as well as the look of the gold earrings when you are choosing them. The problem with browsing online or trying gold earrings on for a moment in the store is that you have no way to tell how you will feel after having worn them for a day. Sometimes all you have to do is look at them to tell they will be uncomfortable. In the case of chandelier earrings and big hoop earrings this is even more applicable.


Don't forget about any allergies to metal you may have. Having an allergy to gold is not impossible, however uncommon it might be. Nickel allergies are far more common and the latter is used as an alloy with gold for white gold earrings. Thus, you need to find gold earrings that don't have any nickel in them at all if you think you are allergic to this metal. For instance, rose gold earrings contains copper as an alloy. Or you can go for yellow gold earrings with both copper and silver in them.


You have to make sure you are getting the real thing when you are buying gold earrings or any other gold items. While the majority of merchants are honest, some do try to pass off other metals as gold or items that are merely gold plated. Unless you are a professional jeweler you will have trouble telling whether or not a good fake is real or not, but there are some tests that can be used to tell whether it is real or not.

The best way to protect yourself, whether you are buying online or going to a store, is to buy your gold earrings or jewelry from a seller with a good reputation. You also have to verify the return policy of the jewelry you buy. You need to ensure you are getting real gold when you buy gold earrings!

A majority of women are keen to gold earrings. They can be found in any imaginable style and price range and you can find a pair that is ideal for any objective. Remember the above suggestions when shopping for gold earrings, and make sure to drag along your magnifying and reading (if you need them) glasses to read the minuscule words that are on the jewelry you're investigating!


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