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Secrets to thick and lustrous hair

Updated on September 11, 2015

Thick, lustrous hair is not essential for survival,but coarse, thin or sparse hair can affect you psychologically and lower your desirability and self esteem.So, here are some tips that I am sure will help.

Avoid gels, mousses, sprays

Hair products like gels,mousses and sprays,that are meant to make hair look shiny and stylish,actually contain chemicals that are very damaging .Alcohol,polymers,benzaldehyde and a-terpinol are common ingredients used in these products.Alcohol is a dehydrating agent and when used in hair products it dries out the hair.Benzaldehyde is an irritant to skin and

has been classified as a hazardous substance by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Let your hair exist in natural state you don’t need to achieve ‘’ the look’’ to be desirable.

Apply Herbal mixtures to your hair

Herbs are very good for hair they supply nutrition to scalp and hair externally.Mix amla( Indian gooseberry)reetha(soap nut) and sikakai(fruit for the hair") powdrer in bowl add some water and let it boil until water is half the amount.Drain water from this mixture,cool it and thoroughly wet your hair with this water.wash after 3 hours.It will make your hair shiny and lustrous ,promote hair growth, control dandruff and remove dead skin from your scalp.Apply this herbal mixture once a week or at least once a month.

You can also boil these herbs in oil until the powder turn dark or black.drain the oil and you massage it before washing your hair.

Women who do not mind having red hair or red shine in their hair should choose henna instead of harsh chemical dyes. Henna is highly nutritious to hair, promotes growth and adds shine and volume to hair.

For making henna hair dye. Boil some water add black tea and coffee to it, after boiling it till the water is half the amount. Drain the water from this mixture and add it to henna powder until it gains the consistency of a yogurt. Let the henna mixture rest for 6 to 7 hours then apply it your hair. Leave henna on your hair for 3 to 4 hours and then wash. It’s messy to dye hair with henna but it pays off in the long run. Do not bleach or lighten your natural hair colour.

Do not shampoo often

you should wash your hair every third or fourth day. Many people try to fix their hair problems with frequent washing. If your hair gets oily or dull every second or third day of washing, improve your diet. ‘’Shampoo is an emulsifier that traps oil, so if you frequently shampoo your hair it will deprive it of its natural oil, leaving your hair dry ‘’ says Angela Lamb, MD, an assistant professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York.

Do not apply shampoo directly to your hair, but pour it in your palm and rub your hands together then apply it to your hair. Before applying shampoo make sure, you wet your hair thoroughly, this way you will need less shampoo.

Prevent from heat shock

Be gentle to your hair and spare your tresses of any or all heat treatments. Applying curling or flat iron to wet hair is very damaging. It boils the moisture in hair and destroys the cuticle. Hair once damaged cannot be rescued. I always air dry my hair. Over use of blow dryer deprives the hair of its natural moisture just like over use of shampoo does. If you are intent on using your blow dryer, hold it 7 inches away from your head.

If you accept your hair the way nature has made it—instead of curling it if its straight or straightening it if its curly—your hair will thank you for it.

Do not brush too hard

Do not brush your hair too hard or too often especially when it’s wet. I have seen some women losing their hair with this practice. Instead of taking out tangles with a brush, use a wide toothed comb.

Apply Oil to your hair before shampooing

Never shampoo your hair, before applying oil or anything else that moisturizes. Coconut Oil is very good for hair. Mix coconut oil with equal parts almond oil and a small amount of castor oil, and apply it to your hair at least 4 hours before washing.

Select a good shampoo

Make sure that you select a good shampoo for your hair.i have tried different brands but now I stick to Herbal essences and Garnier shampoos.

Avoid drugs

All drugs can cause hair damage so avoid them as much as possible. Drugs used for hypertension and cholesterol control often damage hair. Acne Medications like Accutane (isotretinoin) can also damage hair and cause hair loss.damage caused to hair by drugs is reversed, once you stop the medication.

Eat High protein food

People try to find quick fix solution to hair problems. Sparse or coarse hair can’t be improved with just frequent washing and using an array of cosmetic products. Hair just like any other body tissue needs nutrition. For healthy, shiny hair you must eat lean meat and drink milk.Hair is approximately 60% protein, So you need to eat foods high in protein.

How often do you shampoo your hair?

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      3 years ago

      Very informative.


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