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Sexy Army T-shirts for Women

Updated on July 10, 2017

For The Wives of The Army Strong

Kudos to all the great designers out there like Tommy Hilfiger, who has embraced the ionic American flag colors and has made a name brand from them. Designers working for companies such as Ralph Lauren, Roxy, Sean Paul, etc., have given Americans an incredible market to shop and chose from these days. It's easy to find the perfect red, white, and blue outfits, when looking to support a favorite branch of the military. With all the options in tops and bottoms nowadays, it's also easier to find any style you like, whether it's for the little ones or yourself.

The age of the Internet, has made it super convenient to find some of the latest camouflage fashion trends, and sites such as Amazon, Ebay,, always seem to keep a wide variety of designer wear to choose from on hand. A person can find just about anything they are looking for in camouflage, which nowadays, comes in many different colors such as pink or blue.

With the rise of reality TV, so has the camouflage t-shirt industry seen a boost. Back in the late 1980s, to buy an army green t-shirt, meant going to an army surplus store. But thanks to shows such as Swamp Men, Duck Dynasty, and Gator Boys- anyone who has a Wal-Mart in their town, can easily find t-shirts in camouflage green. Back in 1989, when I dated an army man who served in the Gulf War, I used to wear a pair of his cut-off, camo-pants, all the time around the house. Somehow it help me to feel closer to him. Still..., who needs a reason to wear Army green these days, it's a hot and sexy fashion trend, and has been for four or five seasons now. I must admit it though that I wish they had items like these for me back then.

Computer and smart phone apps like Yahoo messenger, Skype, KIK messenger, etc., have made it so much faster and better, to communicate with love ones in the military, whether they are overseas or not. It has also made the time that they are apart much more bearable to endure. I can speak from experience when I write that there is nothing, a military man loves more than seeing his family, dressed in the latest fashions trends, and supporting him here on the home-front. Whether that support comes by wearing an American Army t-shirt with the saying, 'ARMY WIFE' printed across her chest; it is a way of showing him the pride you carry for him always. It is also a great way to let him know exactly how much you're really missing him, without having to say a word. Sometimes little hints like that can go a really long ways, for someone who is so far from home.

All Americans should also be grateful for the role love ones play in the lives of America's finest soldiers, whether that role is as the spouse, parent, child, sibling, etc., of someone in the military. Every American can thank their lucky stars that there are soldiers, who have families who are willing to share in the burden of keeping America safe. On a personal note, I have to say that I love all the new military camouflage tee shirts, tank tops, shorts, swimsuits, and pants found in shopping malls, across America these days. It is definitely a much different time, than when I was young during the Vietnam era. Americans have truly embraced the idea of patriotism, and what it means to be part of a military family. Stay on top of the latest fashion styles, by reenforcing some American pride and wearing Army tee shirts on the weekends, designer red, white and blue outfits during the work week, and camouflage pink tank top and bottoms at night to bed. We all can do the part of showing the world just how proud we are of the American men and women serving in the military today.


Look Sexy for YOUR Army Man!

Washing Tips for Your New Army Casual Wear:

  1. Avoid spraying perfume directly on your clothing. Make sure to spray it onto your skin instead.
  2. Before wearing your dark or black clothing for the first time, make sure to soak your clothes in white distilled vinegar for a full 30 minutes. Then wash on a cold water setting. Soaking your clothes in a vinegar bath before they're being wash, helps to set the black color in and make it last longer.
  3. Air Drying dark clothing items is timely and not very practical. So after you've soaked and washed your new black army tee.
  4. Then throw it in the dryer on a cool or low permanent press cycle.


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