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Shaving Tips: How To Get That Sexy, Soft, Babyface Women Love

Updated on August 24, 2015

Forget about the pain, agony and sheer torture that generally goes along with shaving. It is possible to enjoy a baby soft face that drives women wild without having to pull out the Band-Aids or unscrew the cap of a septic pen. When the right shaving techniques are used, it is even quite possible to get rid of unwanted hair without having to call in a doctor or pay a fortune for a daily professional shave.

We won't lie. With more than 20,000 individual hairs on a man's face that need to go down the drain on a daily basis, the process is not easy. It takes a little time to master the best techniques, but there is help out there.

To assist, we'll take a look some of the top tips for getting that smooth look without the pain. We'll also explore some of the latest releases in shaving products that can help in the pursuit.

Since many men (and women) insist the only way to achieve a soft feel and look is to use a straight razor, we'll focus our attention on the tools available to make razor shaving as pain-free and effective as possible.

Preparing For The Task

Rushing in with a new razor blade and a dry face is an absolute no-no if a pain-free shave is desired. This method also won't do you much good on getting that baby soft feel either – the bandages and nicks will wreck it for certain.

The key to enjoying a smooth, close shave lies in having the right tools in order and making sure the skin is properly prepared for the job. This translates to lining up the weapons of choice, i.e., the razor, shaving cream, and follow up lotion. Get it all ready before a morning shave turns into a hack job. On the top of the list should be a sharp razor. Trying to squeeze out an extra use or three from a disposable razor that is shot will not produce desired results and it can leave behind tell-tale stubble and nicks.

Shaving: Selecting The Tools Of The Trade

While the idea of having a professional barber on hand every morning to take care of the chore with an expert touch no doubt appeals, the time for dreaming is over. Since most of us have to deal with the drudgery on our own, the best way to make sure it is as painless as possible is to learn how to shave correctly. This means mastering the preparation, execution and the follow up. All three are necessary if the desired outcome is super soft skin that doesn't have a single speck of stubble.

Prepping The Face

Having the tools necessary for the job all in order is just the first step in enjoying a perfect shave. The real trick lies in making sure the skin and the hair are ready to go.

According to WebMD's experts, the best way to do this is to heat up the skin a bit with hot or warm water and then properly massage in shaving cream, gels or soaps. Doing this will help ensure skin-softening oils naturally found in the face are released. In the process, the hair is going to push up and soften a bit. This makes it easier to shave it all off in a single stroke.

Shaving in the shower is actually considered ideal. The warm water and steam can help ensure the face is properly heated and the hair softened. Just make sure to really work the cream or soap in before proceeding to cut. It doesn't hurt to have a shower mount mirror to assist in the task either.

Picking The Right Creams, Gels Or Soaps

Men who prefer razor shaves understand the importance of using creams or soaps to soften the hair, lubricate the skin and protect against nicks. Those who are used to electric shavers, however, might not know how to choose the right kind of cream or soap.

The best advice here is to find the product that feels the best personally. Creams, soaps and gels can all do the job and do it well if the directions are followed. Creams generally need to settle for a while. Soaps and gels tend to provide instant action and really require it because if they start to dry, the shave will not be as close.

For the best shave with any product, the real secret is following the directions. Price is not necessarily a factor here as much as preparation and proper use are.

Single, Double Or Triple Action Razor Blades?

While barbers tend to use single action blades, a lot of men prefer the double or triple action. The benefit of double and triple action blades lies in the fact they catch hair that was missed by the first blade. Still, WebMD's experts say if the face is properly prepared, a single blade should stand up to the task. It all comes down to personal choice.

Do remember when using any blade that a sharp one produces the best results. If a blade is dull, get rid of it. It will only cause more harm than good.

Getting Your Shaving Technique Down

With preparation taken care of and the tools all collected, the real proof in the pudding comes in when the razor hits the skin. The best shaves required a skilled technique. This is the part that takes some serious practice. After all, good barbers don't become such over night.

Relax, even men that have been shaving for decades sometimes don't have it down or they miss spots when a rush job is at hand. With a little effort, anyone can develop the right technique for getting rid of stubble cleanly, effectively and virtually pain-free.

To ensure a perfect shave every time, the grooming experts at Crabtree & Evelyn recommend always going with the grain and only using a very sharp blade. Depending on the length of the hair, a few strokes in the same spot might be necessary.

Experts take a simple approach in recommending short strokes. Their advice is to shave from high to low, pulling on the skin where necessary to get those hard to reach places, such as the cleft of a chin, under the nose and around the ears.

There is another opinion on the "go with the grain" philosophy. WebMD's experts suggest taking one or two passes with the grain and a third against it for extra smoothness. It's also not a bad idea to really study your face before proceeding. The reality is the "grain" can go in several different directions on an individual face. A bit of study can ensure strokes fall where they should.

After The Cut

Since shaving does remove some skin along with facial hair, it is wise to follow up the job with a proper moisturizer to protect the skin and ensure it gets that soft feel most men are after.

Most experts strongly urge the men avoid any product with alcohol in it after a shave. The simple fact is an alcohol-based product right after a shave can irritate the skin and will simply fail to protect it in the process.

The secret to finding the best product is to look for those that are labeled after shave moisturizers or "shaving balms." Do read the labels to make sure alcohol is not a part of the mix. Chances are if fragrances are included, alcohol may be as well.

On the moisturizing front, don't worry men's products are different then women's. Products made for men generally offer a light moisturizing agent that will not feel heavy on the skin like a woman's facial moisturizer might.

While moisturizing might not sound like the most "manly" thing to do, this final step is the one that can really bring home the feel you're after. If super soft, stubble-free cheeks are desired, skipping the moisturizer is out.

The Latest Gear

Manufacturers are always competing to offer the newest and best grooming products for men. There are some new releases on the market that show innovation is alive and well in the industry. Some of the products that are changing the face of men's shaving include:

  • Gillette Fusion Power Phantom. This new introduction by the razor giant offers a Five PowerGlide blade system. The razor includes "micro-pulses" to reduce friction and is billed as offering the perfect technology for shaving those hard to get spots, like right under the nose. What makes this shaver different is the fact it is sort of a hybrid between an electric and a regular razor. The Phantom operates using batteries, but uses a regular razor blade.
  • Bic Comfort 3 Advance. This is one of the latest additions to the Bic line of disposable razors. Unlike Gillettes that involve replacement blades, this triple-blade razor follows typical Bic protocol in the entire razor offering disposable ease. Bic has extended its triple blade line quite a bit in recent months.

Shaving is not a chore the ordinary guy looks forward to. With the right tools and techniques, it can produce the results desired. Getting a baby soft tone and look isn't easy, but the pay off is a feel she won't mind touching. The best advice for getting it right is to follow the PTF protocol – preparation, technique and follow up. Practice makes perfect.

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    • Andrew Goodfella profile image

      Andrew Goodfella 

      7 years ago from Auckland

      A very well written piece. One thing I would recommend is to use natural shaving soap applied with a shaving brush. You will get a great, chemical free lather which is great for your skin.

    • profile image

      Azzaro Shaving Lotion 

      8 years ago

      I love and using lotions. Azzor lotions are my favorite.

    • profile image

      wet shaving 

      8 years ago

      Great How to article,

      I personally am a great believer in shaving soaps, primarily for reasons of comfort. Letting the brush, soap and mug soak in very hot water for 30 seconds or so produces a warm lather which when applied to the face is one of life's true pleasures. The only way to go.

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie-Ann Amos 

      9 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      Tht's funny!

    • Pete Maida profile image

      Pete Maida 

      9 years ago

      As you can tell by my picture; I have avoided this effort for quite some time.


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