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Skin Cleansing Tips

Updated on August 25, 2011

A good cleansing ritual forms the basis of any skincare regime. Whether your skin seems oily or dry, keeping it clean is an essential step towards improving its quality and appearance.

Here's why. The natural oils that help seal moisture in the skin also attract tiny specks of dust and other particles in the air. The same is true of any moisturising or nourishing cream worn throughout the day and night. The more polluted the atmosphere, the dirtier the skin is likely to become. As well as airborne dirt, any salts and wastes left behind when micro-droplets of perspiration evaporate from the skin gather here too. Flaky skin cells that cling to the surface instead of being sloughed away add to accumu­lating dirt and wastes.

Left to linger on the skin, this debris dulls the complexion and clogs the pores, encouraging the formation of blackheads and spots. And as even featherweight make-up contains some oils and pigment particles, it will inevitably add to the skin's unwanted load.

The Elements of Cleansing

We are only now beginning to appreciate what French beauty experts have known all along. Skin has a natural empathy for pure plant preparations. Cleansers made from the purest vegetable oils and plant extracts are not only gentle and effective, but also free from synthetic chemicals which may disrupt the skin's natural functions.

The perfect cleansing ritual

Early morning - A simple one-step cleanse should sweep away the natural secretions and impurities that have accumulated during the night, plus any residues of a night-cream.

Choose a light plant-infused lotion such as home-made Scented Milk or Skin Fresh Lotion or a natural veg­etable soap to suit your skin.

Late evening - At the end of the day, cleansing has to clear away natural skin wastes, any traces of moisturiser and residues of make-up. A two-step approach works best to ensure your skin is scrupulously clean before bedtime. Use a cleansing milk or richer cleansing cream, both of which you can make yourself, to melt away oil-soluble residues and tailor to your skin's individual needs using a combination of herbal infusions and essential oils. To leave your skin feeling completely refreshed, follow this step with a gentle wash using a vegetable soap or sweep the skin with a gentle cleansing lotion.

Quick cleanse - For freshening up at any time in the day, spray your skin with a light floral refresher (choose one without alcohol) or make your own.


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    Eric Prado 6 years ago from Webster, Texas

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