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Skin Resolutions

Updated on April 9, 2012

Banish these skins sins now and rock a healty glow all year round!

Skin Resolution # 1: GET MOVING!

  • Exercise increase blood circulation, sending fresh, oxygenated blood to your organs and your skin! Make sure to squeeze in heart-pumping activities everyday, such as taking your dog for a walk, running with your beastie,or popping in a dance video.

Skin Resolution #2: CLEANSE PROPERLY.

  • Great skin starts with clean skin! Look for a cleanser that matchesyour skin type and use it twice a day - once in the morning and again before bitting the sack. Use lukewarm water and massage your cleanser onto your wet face in circular motions. Don't forget to rinse well. Try: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser

Skin Resolution #3: HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!

  • Water plumps up skin cells so getting eight classes a day is a must (you need more if you just sweated it out in PE class or soccer practice). Keep a water bottle handy at all times, and increase your water intake when you drink coffee,tea, or soda.

Skin Resolution #4: BEAUTIFY ON THE INSIDE.

  • Smooth skin is a sign of good nutrition. Help your skin out by eating your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. Pick those that are rich in vitamins and minerals to help combat breakouts and promote cell repair while giving you a healty, rosy glow.

Skin Resolution #5: MOISTURIZE ALL OVER.

  • Keep skin healthy and elastic by keeping it properly moisturized. Dry skinn can lead to painful cracking, flaking and may even cause stretch marks! Lock in moisture from your shower by applying your favorite cream or lotion after a bath. Concentrated on areas prone to dryness like elbows, knees and heels. Try: Skin Cravings Smooth Over Body Lotion in Strawberry Cream

Skin Resolution #6: DON'T FORGET YOUR SCALP.

  • Your scalp needs TLC too; pamper it by doing an intense weekly treatment. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave it on while watching your favorite TV show. Sweet bonus: you'll score extra-silky tresses!


  • There's nothing you want more after a long day than to jump into bed, but before you do that, make sure you're makeup-free. Sleeping with an unwashed face can clog your pore and result in super zits. Remove all traces of makeup with cleanser and target hard to remove products like waterproof eyeliner and mascara with a gentle, milky remover. Try: L'oreal De-maq' Expert Cleansing Milk Makeup Remover

Skin Resolution #8 : DON'T PICK YOUR ZITS!

  • Picking zits is a HUGE NO-NO. Resist the urge to squeeze and pop those annoying pimples. Treat them instead with a BENZOYL PEROXIDE GEL OR CREAM and cover with medicated concealer. Try: Tea Tree Concealer, Body Shop

Skin Resolution #9: GET SOME ZZZS!

  • Sleep is the most important tool for skin repair and cell turnover.The longer you sleep, the more time your skin has to rejuvenate, heal scars, and clear up dark undereye circles. Get at least six to eight hours of quality sleep. If you have trouble dozing off, look for a sleep mask to block our light and visual stimuli. Try: Earth Therepeutics Sleep Mask

Skin Resolution #10: BE SUN SAVY!

  • It's always fun to be under the sun, but unprotected skin is never a good thing! Make it a habit to shield yourself form harmful UV rays which can cause premature aging and skin diseases. Protect your body by slathering on a lotion with SPF and make sure to finish of your skincare routine with a sunscreen suited to your skin type. Try: Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Triple Lightening Body Lotion



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    • cuttierish profile image

      cuttierish 6 years ago from USA / PHILIPPINES

      Hello alipuckett, I'm glad you enjoyed the article and enjoyed writing about it too. Thank you for visiting and sharing your comments. :)

    • alipuckett profile image

      alipuckett 6 years ago

      10 great tips for healthy skin. Thanks!


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