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How to Wear a Square Silk Scarf in Your Hair

Updated on August 24, 2015

When you purchase a silk scarf for your wardrobe, you have obtained one of the most versatile of accessories. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, their ability to add flair, color and style to your clothing choices is truly amazing. You can transform the larger silk scarves into flattering sarongs and the longer pieces into attractive belts or even halter-tops. Yet, you can even manipulate the small square pieces with stunning results.

Traditional Head Kerchief Variations

Head silk scarves can act as protection during those hot summer days. They also prevent your hair from blowing into your face if the top is down or all the windows are open. There are several ways to do so. Below are two becoming suggestions:

  • Fold the silk scarf into a triangle along the diagonal. The result is a triangle. Take this and place the triangular part on top of your head. Knot securely beneath your hair.
  • With the scarf in place on your head, tie it beneath your hair. Next, take the third corner of the silk scarf and place it beneath the knot. Alternatively, you can twist this extra corner beneath the knot as many times as the length allows.

The New Flattering Look Of The Head-Kerchief

The small pieces of square silk make ideal head-kerchiefs. While it is easy to tie them below the chin, there are other flattering, yet practical options. Try the following:

  • Headband: Fold the silk fabric piece in half across the diagonal. Starting at the pointed ends at the opposite ends of the fold, roll or fold over the scarf until it is tube-like in shape. Stretch the scarf across the top of your head. You can now either tie it beneath, allowing the remainder to extend down your back or knot it just beneath the ear of one side. In this position, the remainder will hang to the front of your shoulder.
  • Headband Variation: Another option is to thread the silk tube beneath your hair. Once you have done this, tie the ends of either side together on top of your hair. Use an attractive bow. This and the other two methods are flattering options for evening or daywear.
  • Ponytail: Use the same method described above to create a tube of the fabric. Place your hair up in a ponytail then fasten the silk to the ponytail. Let the scarf dangle from the elastic after winding it around the tail. If you centre your ponytail in the middle of your head, you can achieve a more elegant look by plaiting your hair then securing the ponytail where you position the elastic. For a more elaborate and individual look, plait the scarf partway into the braided hair.

It is simple to purchase a head kerchief for use. They are available in a variety of fabrics and sizes. Yet, it is more flattering, yet still practical, to select silk. Silk scarves combine practicality with quality. The thinness of this durable material allows you to tie fine and not bulky knots. This prevents accenting any unflattering necklines. To ensure the quality while achieving a unique appearance, be sure to purchase hand-painted silk scarves. This will truly show off your hair to its best advantage.

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