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Sugar for Face is all what your Face-Skin Needs

Updated on March 10, 2014

Nothing better for your face skin than sugar. Any type of sugar like white, brown or Muscovado sugar- all are extracted from sugarcane or sugar beet- presents to the face all routines required for a good skincare.

Sugar composition is so simple - only the disaccharide Sucrose and the alpha hydroxy acid Glycolic acid are contained in sugar- yet it does everything your skin needs.

When glycolic acid is applied to the skin, it reacts with the upper layer of the epidermis, weakening the binding properties of the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together. This allows the stratum corneum to be exfoliated, exposing live skin cells. Regardless the effect of sucrose on the skin, glycolic acid has the most valuable effect when applying sugar on face. Sugar is the best scrub for your face.

Sugar Face Masks, thanks to its content of the alpha hydroxy acid -glycolic acid-, has a peeling effect. In fact, you can buy at-home kits containing 10-20% of glycolic acid for chemical peeling as the best grade, but not after you know the properties of sugar.

Benefits of Sugar to Face and Body Skin

Sugar has many benefits for your face and body skin, for an easy, effective and unexcelled skincare of face and body.

Exfoliation is required to remove bound cell debris and not free dirt on the face. Skin cells shed every 15-30 days and there are dead cells on the outermost layer of your face, these cells need to drop off to make a room for new cells, they need something to scrape this layer away, and this is what glycolic acid in sugar does through detaching this layer from the skin.

Exfoliation is done by using alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Since alpha hydroxy acids are abundant in foods like fruits and vegetables, they are more commonly used in face masks as exfoliating agents. The best of them is Glycolic acid present in sugarcane and beet cane. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid.

Sugar can be a superb cleansing technique, when mixed with some oils or your favored moisturizing cream, because glycolic acid present in sugar detaches the dead cells on the surface of the skin and inside the pores, and they are then washed up by the oil or the cream, thus they do not clog skin pores.

Frequent use of sugar mask makes moisturizing your face a much more easy task, because sugar decreases thickness of dead cells on the surface of the skin.

Combining moisturizing oils like olive, almond or Jojoba oils with sugar in your face mask, comprises both cleansing and moisturizing in one step. Adding honey to this mixture creates a soft skin beyond your dreams.

Anti Aging
Sugar is one of the best things that remove fine lines and wrinkles, and gives you a glowing skin. The new layer of skin of your face created by the peeling effect of sugar, has a smoother texture and more uniform lighter color.

In fact, the glowing appearance of any surface, is defined by how evenly light is reflected from that surface, and when you see a face with fine lines or wrinkles, your eye receives different intensities of light reflected from that face, as a result of an uneven surface.

Advantages of Sugar Applied Locally for Face and Body
* Use of sugar for face and body skincare reduces steps and products needed
* Sugar being safe and inexpensive nutrient, ensures a regular continuous skincare regimen for all the body, and all the family members
* Regular use of sugar is the best measure you take to fight aging of the skin, specially that of the face
* Sugar ensures both superficial and deep cleansing of the face and body skin
* Regular use of sugar ensures a thinner skin with better oxygen exchange
* Sugar is the best scrub, not only for face but also for feet, elbow and knees
* Sugar can help greatly in purifying the color of the skin
* Sugar can soften calloused, rough and chapped skin


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