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Swarovski Gifts

Updated on November 17, 2015


Crystal gifts are an excellent idea for fashionistas and collectors. Of course if you want to give the best I would recommend Swarovski’s crystal creations.

Swarovski is one of my favourite shops in Paris. There are several Swarovski stores in the capital, but my preferred one is the one on Rue Bonaparte. It is a beautiful store where you can find the most amazing crystal jewellery, figurines & collectibles, fashion accessories and house decoration items like chandeliers and sculptures in crystal.

For those not familiar with Swarovski,I can tell you that since 1895, Swarovski has been one of the world’s premiere crystal manufacturers. Worldwide Swarovski is known for its luxury yet affordable products. This is one of the reasons why Swarovski gifts are a very good option when you are looking for an original gift for a special person.



Recognizing an original Swarovski

Original Swarovski products are marked with the Swarovski logo. The original logo was an edelweiss flower which was later replaced in 1988 by the Swan logo. However, in latest products the Swarovski Swan logo is being replaced by the Swarovski name.

What makes Swarovski crystals so valuable and looked-after worldwide is its careful crafting and cutting of the crystal glass, as well as the rainbow slick appearance of its final products.

Swarovski, the best gift for a fashionista

During Paris fashion week fall winter 2010-2011 Lanvin’s designs sparkled with Swarovski crystals. Have a look at the video below and you will see by yourself how Swarovski crystals add a touch of elegance to a little black dress. Whether it is in the form of outsized jewellery or Swarovski crystals added to the dresses as decoration, Lanvin glitters with Swarovski.

Paris Fashion Week: Lanvin Fall-Winter 2010-11 Sparkles SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Did you know?

The Sultanate of Oman, houses the largest Swarovski crystal chandelier ever made, it is over 3 feet tall and contains more than 600,000 Swarovski crystals. You can click here to see the famous chandelier.

Gloria Light Sapphire Set
Gloria Light Sapphire Set | Source

Swarovski Angelic Set

Swarovski Angelic Set : 1099124
Swarovski Angelic Set : 1099124

The set includes a pair of pierced earrings and a pendant on a rhodium-plated chain. Perfect for Christmas parties and gift-giving!


Crystal Gifts for women:

If you want to treat a Fashionista, nothing better than giving her some Swarovski jewellery to brighten up her little black dress of the season.

For those who love classic elegance there is the Swarovski Angelic Sapphire Set

This exquisite set radiates feminine elegance. It includes a pendant and a pair of pierced earrings. Sparkling in bright and refreshing Sapphire crystal with a touch of clear crystal pavé, this piece is perfect for any occasion. The pendant hangs on a rhodium-plated snake chain.

This is the perfect gift for an elegant and fashionable girl.

Swarovski Crystal ornament

Swarovski Ornaments

For those who love home decoration I recommend the Darose, Crystal Red

Flowers are always a wonderful gift, very much appreciated despite their short life. If you want your flower to last forever, I recommend you treat that special person to a crystal rose.

This beautiful rose featuring ten delicate and shiny petals in the shape of little hearts form a beautiful flower, perfect for a romantic table decoration.

Swarovski Angel Ornament, Annual Edition 2010

Angel Ornament, Annual Edition 2010
Angel Ornament, Annual Edition 2010 | Source

For ornament collectors:

If you want to surprise someone who collects ornaments you cannot go wrong with the Swarovski's 2010 annual edition of holiday ornaments.  Swarovski's figurines are highly collectible, from its first stylized mouse to its latest holiday ornaments. 

Angel Ornament, Annual Edition 2010
This magnificent clear crystal angel is embellished with delicate Golden Shadow crystal stars. It can be hang on a Christmas tree using the white satin ribbon, or you can remove the ribbon and use it as a sparkling table decoration. This beautiful keepsake makes a much-appreciated gift.

iPhone Swarovski Crystal Hard Case

The perfect gift under $30 to impress your friends. This iPhone hard case is handmade using 100% Genuine Swarovski Crystals.

Miranda Kerr for Swarovski

Swarovski Paris

Swarovski Store, Paris

There are several Swarovski Stores in Paris, my favourite one is the one on:

52, rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris
Téléphone: Tel. + 33 (0) 1 5624 1560

Swarovski stores in Paris

show route and directions
A markerSwarovski -
52 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France
get directions

B markerB.H.V. Rivoli Espace Swarovski -
38 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris, France
get directions

C markerSwarovski Retail Store Champs Elysees -
146 Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France
get directions

D markerSwarovski Retail Store Carrousel -
99 Rue de Rivoli, 75004 Paris, France
get directions

E markerGaleries Lafayette Swarovski Montparnass -
22 Rue du Départ, 75015 Paris, France
get directions

Swarovski and Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011


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  • Princessa profile image

    Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

    manjubose5: Happy new Year to you too!!! This Christmas I introduced my little Princess to Swarovsky (they have lovely children's jewellery) She loved the shop in the Champs Elysees, she felt like a real princess climbing up those crystal steps to the second floor!

  • manjubose5 profile image

    manjubose5 7 years ago

    I am fond of Swarovski and love to choose Swarovski crystal items as gift within my budget. Whenever anyone speaks of crystals, it reminds me of Swarovski. I voted up.

    Happy New Year!

  • Princessa profile image

    Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

    shygirl2: Thanks for the vote :-) I think that the good thing about Swarovski is that you can find something for every budget. I have a litle rubber ducky for the bath with a Swarovski jewel on it. It was an original and inexpensive present.

    American_Choices: Now you know what to get them for Xmas ;-)

    Happy holidays!

  • American_Choices profile image

    American_Choices 7 years ago from USA


    My Mother and my wife are both fans of these beautiful and affordable gifts. Voted up! I concur with shygirl2!

  • profile image

    shygirl2 7 years ago

    Beautiful chrystals, but quite expensive here in the USA. Love the hub though. Voted up!

  • Princessa profile image

    Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

    KoffeeKlatch Gals: Thank you. I choose the ones I would like to have under my Christmas tree this year ;-)

    Beth100: That is a favourite with classy girls who enjoy luxury but don't want to go over the top. Great choice!

    awesomeactress: The Swarovski figurines for Christmas trees are so beautiful you won't be able to resist them.

  • profile image

    awesomeactress 7 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE Swarovski crystal creations, especially the figurines. I have a built-in wall shelf in my living room where I like to put figurines, and I just recently added my first swarovski figurine from a store in NYC ...a beautiful hummingbird. It completely stands out from the rest and it makes me feel all special and warm inside! I am also going back for a charm bracelet that I saw..

  • Beth100 profile image

    Beth100 7 years ago from Canada

    Oooooo, I love the hyphen red bracelet! I could see me wearing that. :) Happy shopping Princessa!

  • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

    Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

    Princessa, what beautiful jewelry you chose to showcase. I especially love the red bracelet. I use a lot of Swarovski crystal beads when making jewelry. They have such a lovely sparkle.

  • Princessa profile image

    Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

    Les trois chenes: That beauty goes for $140 which is about €110 or £75.

  • Les Trois Chenes profile image

    Les Trois Chenes 7 years ago from Videix, Limousin, South West France

    It's the vintage necklace for me! (You don't mention prices which is just as well). A simple nd excellent hub and I will take notes. Many thanks.

  • Anath profile image

    Anath 7 years ago

    Me too, I want that vintage necklace!

  • Princessa profile image

    Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

    Marie ALice: That red bracelet is lovely, I have my eye on it too ;-) the bracelet and the vintage Ribbon Necklace would make my Christmas!

  • MarieAlice profile image

    MarieAlice 7 years ago from Peru

    Love this Hub, I would love to recive the red bracelet!!! Last christmas my coworkers and me gave our boss a beautiful necklace from swarovski and she was deligthed!!! I guess no one could fail giving this as a gift!!!!