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Best Valentine's Gifts for Women

Updated on February 10, 2013
best valentine's day gifts,kakisky,
best valentine's day gifts,kakisky,

With Valentine' s day just around the corner, countless people will be searching for that ''perfect gift''. If your goal is to express your love in a way words cannot describe, a gift may be the perfect representation of your feelings deep inside.  Fill this special day therefore with love and romance by choosing a great gift that will leave a long lasting impression on your much cherished loved one.

  • Chocolate

Nothing says ''I love you'' better than a box of chocolates. There are a variety of types of confections for unique gift ideas. From the classic heart shaped boxes to the most sophisticated truffles, every chocoholic will appreciate this sweet surprise. For those really looking to impress their loved ones, chocolate covered strawberries may be an indulgent gift or for those looking for that something ''special'' chocolate roses covered in red foil may make the perfect romantic gift. 

  • Jewelry

A pretty necklace or a pair of earrings may be the perfect gift for the woman of your life. To be in theme with Valentine's day, heart shaped jewelry may be the ideal gift. For  those looking for original ideas, rings can be personalized with special love messages or initials, a heart necklace can come equipped with a special compartment for a picture.

  • Flowers

Long stem red roses are the most popular Valentine flower gifts. Red roses symbolize passion and make an elegant gift for women. Several flower arrangements can be created by flower shops and can even be personalized with balloons, personalized cards and stuffed animals. Some flower shops can as well arrange special deliveries.

  • Personalized Gifts

A mug displaying your name and the name of your loved one or a t-shirt or blanket featuring a picture of you two together can make great gifts that will be much cherished for a long time. The big plus side of personalized gifts is the fact that they leave a long lasting impression and are quite remarkable gifts because they are unique. Photo shops like Kodak often offer many original personalized gifts made out of pictures such as calendars, t-shirts, paper weights and throws.

  • Stuffed Animals

A cute teddy bear asking for cuddles is a great gift for a loved one. Stuffed animals are much loved because they are adorable  but most of all, because they can be hugged and they often remind of loved ones. Some stuffed animals are even collectibles now adding much value to the gift. 

  • Gift Cards

Every woman who enjoys shopping will surely enjoy a gift card. Charge it up for a good amount and the lady of your life will shop to her heart's content. Women who love sexy lingerie will love a Victoria's secret gift card, those more on the practical side may enjoy a Home Depot or Lowe's gift card, those who love books will get to enjoy a Border's or Barnes and Noble gift card whereas those enamored will online shopping will enjoy an Amazon gift card.  There is a gift card for just about any woman out there.

As seen, there are several gift ideas for loved ones this Valentine's day. All it takes is to put in a little bit of time and research and that perfect gift that will make your loved one's eyes sparkle will be much cherished.

Valentine's Day Themed Jewelry

Sterling Silver Marcasite and Red Glass Heart Pendant, 18"
Sterling Silver Marcasite and Red Glass Heart Pendant, 18"

Project an air of mystery and allure with this captivating glass heart pendant. The garnet-hued glass heart is held in an ornate sterling silver setting, with vine-like filigree design of the silver backing visible through the glass. Tendrils of rope-textured silver and dark marcasite stones wrap the heart in front and continue along the ornate bale. This intriguing pendant is perfectly complemented by a thick and brightly polished Singapore twist chain.


Great Chocolate Gifts for Chocoholics

Red Sweetheart Chocolate Roses "Simply Said" Gift Vase (1 Doz)
Red Sweetheart Chocolate Roses "Simply Said" Gift Vase (1 Doz)

Red Sweetheart Chocolate Roses "Simply Said" Gift Vase (1 Doz) is a beautiful gift that simply expresses love, devotion, passion, and other sentiments. The gift offers 12 red foil wrapped chocolate sweetheart roses, 3 dimensional, each rose is a 1/2 Oz solid milk chocolate, on a 9 1/2 inch stem with real silk leaves. Roses are beautifully arranged in a cream white porcelain vase with a red ceramic heart that simply states "Love". Translucent glass stones are included within the vase to stabilize and balance. The gift is enclosed in clear cellophane and topped with a beautiful red satin bow.



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      What a great hub. Thank you for sharing your tips.