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Things You Should Know Before Getting a Tattoo; Celebrities With Tattoos

Updated on March 25, 2012

If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo I bet you haven't thought about the consequences. The main thing people think about tattoos is the designs and patterns. But what many people don't understand is that tattoos are a lifetime commitment. I love tattoos and am planning on getting tattoos soon in the future but I thought long and hard about my decision, and you should too! So I decided to write about it and give everyone a little more information about tattoos and some interesting things they might not have known about it. Many people have tattoos but not many knew what they were getting themselves into. If you are interested in getting tattoos then please read below about them.

Things you should know!

1. Possibilty of You Not Getting What You Ordered. Yes it is possible for the tattoo artist to mess up the tattoo. If that happens you have permanent ink stuck on you for life until you can get it removed. If you ever decide to get your tattoo removed it will still have a permanent smear and of course no one wants that. So I suggest researching your tattoo artist and finding out who is the best in your town or city.

2. Tattoos Can Risk You Not Getting the Job. Many people don't want their workers having tattoos in plain sight because it can go against their reputation. So make sure if you get a tattoo in plain sight like an arm or hand to make sure your career isn't dealing with people all day. If you had tattoos on anywhere revealing then the person who has the exact same qualifications as you could possibly get the job before you. Jobs and careers are definitly something to think about before you decide on getting a tattoo.

3. Skin Infections. Tattoos can cause the possibilty of skin infections which can be painful especially if you have an allergic reaction to the ink as well. Skin infections can be caused by the reuse of needles and other peoples blood on the needles. Make sure where you go to get your tattoo is a nice clean place so you don't have to worry to much about skin infections.

4. Is This Something You Can See Yourself Having in the Far Future? Tattoos as I have said earlier are a life time commitment and if you can't see yourself wanting it in the future then don't get it. If there is any doubt in your mind that you don't want a tattoo then I suggest you don't get one because you will be stuck with it so make good choices! Many people decide to get boyfriends or girlfriends names on them and a lot of the time they break up and regret getting the tattoo. So just decide if you are going to be happy with the tattoo forever.

5. Yes it does hurt! Tattoos are painful and are all about needles. If your afraid of needles up might not enjoy getting a tattoo so make sure your pain is worth it before you get one. The thought of needles really frightens people and don't know that tattoos are put on by a needle with ink. I don't know how else they could possibly put it on but it will hurt, I've heard the foot is the worst.

If you don't think you really want a tattoo then try out henna first. Henna tattoos only last a few weeks, they don't hurt, and don't leave any markings. Henna is a great alternate to decide if you really want a tattoo or not. Below are several celebrities who have tattoos and what they mean to them. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed. Have a great day.


Our first photo is of Angelina Jolie who had a total of 12 tattoos in 2010. She is very proud of her tattoos and am sure she has gotten many more since then. The tattoo shown in the photo is her longitude and latitude coordinates. The coordinates represent where she adopted 3 of her children and also where Brad and Angelina children were born. This tattoo is one that she is most known for.

Our second photo is of Rihanna who has a total of 12 tattoos. This singer is also very proud of her tattoos and got every tattoo because they mean something to her. According to Rihanna tattoos are a culture to her. The tattoo shown is a group of stars plunging down her back, she received this tattoo in 2008.

The third photo is of Megan Fox who has a total of 5 tattoos. The photo shows her tattoo on her right shoulder that says “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” from Shakespeare’s King Lear. This was Megans first tattoo and is shown in many photos.

The fourth photo is of Jennifer Aniston who has a tattoo of her dogs name Norman on her foot. Her tattoo represents the memory of dead dog Norman who was "her boy" and was extremely close to her dog and decided to get a tattoo.

Keith Urban is another fan of tattoos shown to the right. He has a tattoo of his lovely wifes name Nicole on his arm along with the other tattoos in the photo. Keith Urban is a great singer and is also another one who is happy to show off his many tattoos!


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