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The Benefits of Heated Gloves

Updated on January 18, 2010

Have you ever been outside in the winter, and felt like your hands were just about to freeze off? I sure have. Although my own body heat is sufficient for warmer weather, sometimes in colder weather my fingers will begin to get very cold. Fortunately for me, my brother bought a pair of heated gloves, and he let me try them out one winter day.

I am not sure where my brother bought his battery heated gloves, but I am sure that if you shop around online, and do some research, you will be able to find a pair for a very cheap price. If you live way out in the wilderness, shopping online can really be a godsend, especially in the winter when you need some heated gloves the most, but can't drive in to town.

I was honestly impressed by the fact that they warmed up so quickly. The particular pair that I had only heated up my palms. Fortunately, they will also heat up your fingertips just because the heat travels throughout the entire glove.

Heated gloves certainly pass the "sledding test." I took them out one day, and I was able to sled all day without having any problems with my hands getting too cold or anything like that. Some snow got in the gloves, which was a mild discomfort, but since the gloves were very warm inside, I did not have any problem with the snow staying inside the gloves. Instead, the snow melted, and within ten minutes, there was no longer any coldness inside my gloves.

If you are the type of person who enjoys the outdoors, especially during winter, then battery powered heated gloves might just be for you. Even if you are not the type of person who enjoys being outside during the winter, you will still get some benefit from the heated gloves. For example, driving to work in the morning with your battery powered heated gloves will certainly make your commute a lot more pleasant.

Another benefit you will get from heated gloves is if you have a motorcycle that you like to ride. Heated motorcycle gloves can be found in specialty stores and online. Personally, I do not have much experience with heated motorcycle gloves, but many people who have tried them out say that they work really well. Having to deal with the cold wind whipping your fingers as you try to enjoy your ride does not sound like the definition of a fun time to me, so save yourself the hassle and buy some heated motorcycle gloves.

My only real criticism of the heated gloves that I tried out was that they were kind of bulky. Of course, they take batteries, so this is to be somewhat expected. Hopefully in the future they will make gloves that will take AAA batteries instead of D batteries, and then there will not be as much of a problem with bulkiness. Overall, I would say that my brother found the ultimate heated gloves, and I would have no problem recommending a pair to anyone else.

So do some shopping, check out some prices, always compare, and best of luck with finding a pair that you will enjoy!


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