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Ladies Leather Driving Gloves

Updated on January 18, 2010

Most people would like noting more than to look sleek and sexy while going about their daily business. Women of today need to always be looking their best, especially since society is so fast paced, and there is so little time every day to devote to looking good. Fortunately, ladies leather driving gloves are both fashionable and useful, and they can really improve your appearance while driving.

There are a few reasons that people wear driving gloves when they drive:

  • The first is to keep a tighter grip on the steering wheel. Of course, this is extremely important when driving. No one wants to get in a car wreck, and driving gloves are really helpful in preventing getting in any car wrecks.
  • The next reason that people wear driving gloves is so that they can maintain a tighter grip on the steering wheel in cold weather. I have a pair of driving gloves that I use specifically for this reason. I do not like having my hands frozen as I try to drive!
  • A related reason that people wear driving gloves is so that they will not have sweaty palms in the summer. Sweat that accumulates on the hands can make the steering wheel slippery, and increases the odds of some sort of car accident.
  • Ladies driving gloves look really, really classy, and they are an essential item for the modern woman.

Knowing that driving gloves can both protect against accidents and make you look good at the same time, let's look at some of the driving gloves on the market. These gloves can all be found online, and I would highly encourage you to try and find the best deal that you can when looking for these gloves, or any other models that interest you.

Ladies Gel Palmed Leather Driving Gloves by Xelement
Ladies Gel Palmed Leather Driving Gloves by Xelement

Our first ladies driving glove is the Gel Palmed Leather Driving Glove by Xelement. The first thing that I have noticed about this glove is that it is of a high quality.

Features include:

  • Gel Palmed so that your hands will not experience any discomfort while you are driving. This also helps on turns, since the Gel Palms really decrease the friction that your palms will experience.
  • Adjustable wrist strap for tightness control and comfort
  • A high quality of production, which means that they will be around for a long time.

Classic Ladies Leather Driving Glove by CTM
Classic Ladies Leather Driving Glove by CTM

The best selling point for the Classic Ladies Leather Driving Glove, which is made by CTM, is that they are a no-frills product. While other gloves might claim to have the latest in technology, these gloves can claim something that newer gloves can never claim: they are classic. The name really is descriptive with these gloves, because they are truly a classic style. How many other driving gloves can claim that? Not many!

Although they are a classic, there is a another reason that you should buy these gloves. They are very inexpensive. I believe that this is partly due to their minimalist design. I would recommend these gloves for any modern, practical woman.

Women's Ladies Driving Gloves with Accent Piping By Fratelli Orsini
Women's Ladies Driving Gloves with Accent Piping By Fratelli Orsini

The style of this pair of ladies driving gloves, by Fratelli Orsini, seems to be a very popular model. I am honestly not surprised. They are easily the most stylish pair on driving gloves that we have reviewed. They are sure to turn heads wherever they are worn. I especially like the red piping that has been added to this model.

They are made from lambskin, and it is of a very high quality. Benefits of these gloves include the style of the womens driving gloves, and the elastic, which makes these gloves much, much easier to wear, and they will not be too tight while you are driving.


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